Ronaldinho Might Just Be In India Promoting Amway Products

Ronaldinho the  football legend Might Just Be In India Promoting Amway Products

Football legend Diego Maradona Source: Financial Express

After Argentine football legend Diego MaradonaBrazilian former professional World footballer Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho Ga├║cho or simply Ronaldinho may visit Kolkata. Amway India, the second-largest direct selling company in the US, is likely to bring him to India, it's the seventh-largest market. Ronaldinho may come to campaign for the Amway brand of health products, which make 50% of the Amway India's market.

William S Pinckney,  Amway India's chief executive officer, and managing director said: "Although Ronaldinho is Amway's global brand ambassador, our activities with him are concentrated mostly in the US, Latin America, and Europe."

"We have Mathew Hayden as our brand ambassador in Australia and likewise we were looking for someone in India. But none among who are into the business of endorsing brands seemed to be suitable

for us," Pickney said. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, he said, is known to be endorsing 21 brands, which does not create an impression about brand loyalty.
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