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John Mueller one of the Google people who are most referenced in the online world of SEO. 
Recently Mueller was asked on the occasion of a Google Webmaster Hangout, what could be done if a site is suffering a traffic loss due to Google’s Core Algorithm update June 2019. The simply in short answered by Mueller’s in a single line as well their all-too-familiar on an equivocation of Google’s updates.
As per Mueller’s words, there aren’t more specific things to fix. Some as usable maintain here …
Mueller's evasive reply Although nothing is clear as to what you can do, but an older post of Amit Singhal former senior vice president of Google Inc. which covers a lot of important questions and you can ask yourself to find out the required quality of your niche website. 

Mueller has start cited on a blog post earlier in 2011 titled, "More guidance on building high-quality sites" on Webmaster Central by Amit Singhal. 
It was focused on the Google “Panda” algorithm update develope…
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