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 About Us ( We are Updating Blog)

Here we are including how the founder came up with the idea and build a team, His personal ties to his vision, the science behind his probiotics, and even an opportunity to review to find local stores that carry LoveBug probiotics. 

Here's instance where an area of our website -- not just the "About Us" page -- is an opportunity to break the mold a wall of text explaining.

The Author Mr. Arvind Singh Shekhawat is a blogger, author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has created digital marketing training programs to trained more and more students, helping them become digital marketers. He also runs a performance marketing agency where he consults premium brands on domains like real estate, lifestyle, e-commerce, etc. He also runs a one-of-a-kind Digital Marketing internship program. His mission is to train and create a million digital marketers.