Is Google Adsense disabled ? 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense Alternatives for your Best earning source
Look here at the 10 most useful  

Google Adsense Alternatives for your Best earning source in the bright future

While you start your day and read your email and find news for account banned which your hard work struggled a lot. Not good news but don’t worry at all, you are not alone for such an email during startup. Everyday people look for alternative Best Income Source due many accounts are being banned from Google Adsense program.

But why you?

Google not only GIVES AWAY enormous traffic and consequently the best income source by linking out to others, but they also care about those websites advertisers for being linked by them! In most of the case, It’s difficult to say exactly what went wrong as a generic email format which Google sends normally no matter what was the problem, where you have breached their terms of the policy.  

Simply Google TOS not allowed any breach.

The good thing is that now they don’t disable permanently, you can resolve the issue, Carefully read Google TOS once again and you can ask via emailing them to ask where is the issue or find out the solution on Google help portal


Instead of dragging or bashing in multiple forums (actually, this is the worst idea), always be positive and remember the world is not over yet, you have lots of alternatives of Google Adsense out there to try. Google may your first ad network but not last and something wrong by mistake not intentionally.

There’s no time to lose so be proactive, be courageous and move on,  and always act professional!
we have several but the 10 best performers are listed

10. Amazon Associates (One of Google Adsense Alternatives Amazon)

Amazon Associates account is the best performer in affiliate marketing as Amazon is the biggest online store worldwide with a huge variety of products, it is proof that they are doing something good. Well, Point are you have a website that has information about any product and that can be found on Amazon or you have related traffic to amazon store products, in these circumstances then Amazon associates could work for you by allows you to publicize dynamic banner ads to your blog and it will pay you a small commission to sell generated from your banner ad.

One thing, most attractive to me that if your traffic for specific product and customer buy another item too then you will eligible earn up to 10% advertising fee as a commission on a complete bill according to selles commission standard Rates for Specific Product Categories
This way you can make a handsome amount of money from Amazon, especially during the festival session or special occasions like National Election, game tournaments Christmas, Black Friday, and other holidays.

Suppose, your niche blog post has about Apple products and you put an ad banner driving them to buy an iPod charger or just a cable. If any of them buy it, you will eligible for a small commission amount is for you. For example on some billing you sell a $10 item you might eligible for few cents but if sell single a $1500 Laptop or Multiple Items like operating software and you might receive $45 from a single buyer.

You can also apply to start the Amazon Associates program for a Best Earning Source in several other countries to promote their local products and easily get paid via paycheck or direct wire transfer in your country, as long as your web page has good traffic. Just this isn’t for a Pay-per-click or CPM program.

You can use multiple promotion program like Amazon associates and Adsense at the same time according to their policy. You can read more information about the Amazon affiliate program as a Best Earning Source in another post in this blog.

9. Yllix Media 

Yllix is a decent combination of CPM/CPC/CPA and multiple monetizations options as an ad network like Pop-under ads, Sliders,  mobile redirects, layer ads, and full-page ads, I have heard a lot in the last years. It has a simple homepage and dashboard but it’s easy to get started.

Sign up here
Absolutely this is a good option for beginners, Approval is very fast simply fill the form and verify your mail and start to publish the ad and get a good CTR on the website and make money with Yllix Media.
Min. Payout: $1
Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Wire, Cheque

Note: You must declare first if you don't want an adult ad and I will not suggest mobile redirects also because your reader will be redirected from your page to another one.

Revcontent is also an Ads Network with some of the best quality  Native ads and the fastest approval process in the industry but needs high traffic. Consumers much interact with native ads than display banner ads.

Native Ads engagement has a higher ratio than regular banners and they just look like related articles on the website. Revcontent will pay you more revenue. it has good CPCs paying 1-10 cents and a wide network of advertisers from around the world.

Click here ... Make your approval process faster, you can sign up from my referral link (Read Affiliate Disclaimer) create your publisher’s account.

Revcontent also uses by most of the high-ranking websites in the world like Forbes and PCWorld for their ad revenue earnings. I can recommend Revcontent as it has a good network definitely can easily mix with other networks of your Best Earning Source list to improve your earnings.

Revcontent Payment Rating: 4 out of 5
Payment methods available: PayPal
Minimum Payment Threshold: $50
Revcontent Account Help
Revcontent Account Help Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Knowledge Base URL:
Personal Account Manager: Yes

Ease of Contacting Support: You can be reached at Support via email, phone, or ticket system

7. Evadav

Evadav is new in the market as an advertising network focused on native ads. Evadav also provides a variety of ad formats push notifications, video sliders, mobile interstitials, banners, and more.

Evadav competitive CPMs that work on mobile and desktop devices.  All ad creatives are brand-safe approved and customizable accordingly website’s design. I love the feature and you’ll also happy to know that Evadav payout weekly. You can use it for your own lead generation with a pop popular widget too. Like me, most publishers are very convenient with weekly payout.

You can Sign up here for your Best Earning Source started with Evadav.
Evadav Payment Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Payment methods available: PayPal
Minimum Payment Threshold: $50
Evadav Account Help
Personal Account Manager: Yes
Referral Program 5%

6. PopCash

PopCash is one more very good network that I using now a short time with my friend and giving him good results as additional earnings. PopCash assures that your reading experience will not be affected by our ads. PopUnder ads that display in a new window behind the current window with a great CPM and support both for mobile and desktop traffic with good inventory for all countries. 

Fast Approval, Fast Payments, 80% Revenue Share makes PopCash special.

Payout Daily
Payments they pay via Paypal, Skrill, Payza, and Paxum.
Referral Program 10%

Sign up here and get started with PopCash.

5. PopAds

PopAds is specialized in Pop Unders in performance networks. They can monetize almost all countries with good rates. Their pop-under ad is less obtrusive and I like PopAds daily payout if you earn $5 or more. Their good quality is verity monetization they have pop-ups, tab ups/tab under, and other methods too. You can start your earning instant after their fast approvals which are easy and the ad placement setting takes just a few minutes only.

Sign up as a publisher here for Best Earning Source.

Payout Daily
Payments they pay via PayPal or AlertPay.
Referral Program 10%
Support via instant messenger!
Limited access 40 countries for highest rates

4. Adsterra 

Adsterra is one of the best 5 networks for publishers and high CPMs and supports both mobile and desktop traffic to the online world. They use to pay on a NET15 basis via bitcoin, wire, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, etc. They also have all ad formats include many categories like banners, direct links, web push notifications, video ads, popunders, etc as well others and Adsterra ad filter allows you to select the type of ads on their platform which you like most to run as you prefer to get the best CPM for your genuine traffic.

They paid on time without problems and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year for 3-4 years.

Sign up and start earning with Adsterra here.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is well known as one of the largest monetizations networks today, Infolinks’ highly customizable products FREE to use native ads work give ad solutions to all and the user’s experience of your readers don’t interfere with the ad! They provide you effective contextual and video ads to engaging display banners which will confidently you make the best earning out of your niche traffic.

In more than 128 countries more than 250,000 online publishers earn money from Infolinks by unused ad space that is the good validation of the people earning well. 

The best part of the Infolinks platform get approved with no minimum traffic and very simple to integrate, into your niche blog or website, which is open to any publisher where you may a small or big number of page views or traffic and no hidden commitments.

Infolinks advertisers work with worldwide leading brands such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, Hyundai and many more because they selected based on quality only.

If you really looking for alternative ad revenue as Best Earning Source you must try and 
Sign up for Infolinks here

Know more about Infolinks review for more info to create ad revenue.

Propeller Ads Media is one of the biggest pop-under networks that also offer native ads, interstitials as well as push notification ads. They work since 2011 in the market and quickly developed the biggest networks with high CPMs. PropellerAds specialize in monetization for entertainment, videos/movies, software, games, dating, finances, gambling, and many other niches. 

If you have got a website related to those niches then your Propeller could be your Best Earning Source than Adsense for you. the pop-unders work better overall although they also have banner ads. Especially if you’ve smartphone traffic then it is the best Adsense alternative as they work monetize apps and mobile services more closely with ad networks that leading to high CPMs too.

If you compare others then Overall Propeller is one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives for monetization methods to test, as they have quite a good portfolio that has great performance.

Propeller has a huge fill rate for tier 2-3 countries and pays a weekly payout NET 30 basis you choose in account settings.

Payments mode is available via ePayments, Paypal, Payoneer,  and Webmoney. Multiple options to choose withdrawal for a minimum of $5 USD.

Sign up for your PropellerAds Media account here to make your Best Earning Source.

1. –Topmost Google Adsense Alternative 

Finally, we are on to know Topmost Alternative and similar to Google Adsense or If you’re looking for ad revenue here you have another monetization option is,  The Adsense for Yahoo and Bing. is an innovative digital advertising product developer in technology industry-leading company that develops for both user publishers and advertisers.

Over 500 employees in key operation multiple centers across – New York, Los Angeles, India (Mumbai & Bangalore), Dubai, Zurich.
Payments mode via Payoneer NET 30 basis.

Global Revenue wise in contextual ads programs is 2nd largest company. Yahoo! and Bing Network Contextual Ads program powered by respect publishers worldwide exclusively manage business operations, technology, and relationships program. is not only a leading global contextual advertising company that provides traffic monetization only it is a wide range of advertising and solutions to a substantial and diversified client base. has one of the largest teams worldwide building a global contextual advertising business with more than 500 employees.

Plus, they will give you an extra 10% over your earnings for the first 3 months! but take 2 business days on average to get your account approved better than waiting weeks for an Adsense approval.
Sign up here for your own Best Earning Source

That’s why is the best alternative to Google Adsense in this list considering until further change. Many networks rising daily that will be considered with updates in the future as well.

“Diversify“ is the secret word here. Try as many earning streams as you can build the best source by adding ad services and testing different, and soon you’ll find your own way to the top.
These alternatives will help you to develop as an Internet Marketer even Google Adsense Best Earning Source for good content.

This way still doing well In fact, it’s only the beginning, No need to worry Even if your Google Adsense account was banned, hope for better this is not the end of the world. 😉

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