Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review : How to Start and Grow High Ticket Affiliate Business

How much you will be excited to see Is there anything better than checking your email morning and seeing a $500+ commission notification in your inbox for yesterday's sales?

That’s high ticket affiliate marketing gives the opportunity for you.

And it’s absolutely like the holy visions for any affiliate marketer.

What’s great about the world of affiliate marketing, is that it’s very possible to earn these types regularly as the same high ticket affiliate commissions.

Super Affiliate Accelerator Review

Last updated: April 08, 2021

Initially published: Nov 26, 2020

Product rating: 4.87 / 5.0

tl;dr Summary

The SAA has sourced by Jacob Caris’ training protocols using proven and reproducible strategies, making it easy. He gives training for you step by step how to create your own successful high ticket affiliate business.

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The most important thought. What is that you can turn into a life-changing affiliate business for yourself.

Especially if you have in your hands the secret to closing high ticket sales smartly.

And that’s what I like the most Jacob Caris’ toolkit Super Affiliate Accelerator program is all about.

It’s a combination of a special training course + live weekly calls + membership of the inner circle community that activities forearms you among the knowledge to start earning high ticket affiliate commissions right now.

In this review, I’m going to share with you exactly what it’s Super Affiliate Accelerator about and why it’s going to be an essential part of my affiliate marketing stack moving forward.

Super Affiliate Accelerator logo

Learn The Proven, Little Known Strategies To Build A 7 Figure Online

Here’s what I am going to cover following topics :

  • What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator?
  • Why I joined the Super Affiliate Accelerator
  • What do I like most about the SAA?
  • Is the SAA the right fit for you?
  • Super Affiliate Accelerator Pricing
  • My Final Verdict
  • I’m additionally offering you here like many others programs I did.


Some awesome Super Affiliate Accelerator bonuses only for my blog readers are those Who purchase the training through my Affiliate Link, which you can find at the bottom of this review.

SAA Bonuses

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What is the Super Affiliate Accelerator?

Jacob Caris is well recognized and I’ve been following for a while now, and he is one of the entrepreneurs that I’ve really come to respect for his immense knowledge of affiliate marketing.

First of all, the guy proved to get results.

In the past couple of years, Since I have become a fan of online affiliate systems he became a ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner (100+ affiliates) and achieved not only Legendary Marketer Platinum affiliate (earning $100k+ in commissions) also training others.

He became the first Knowledge Broker Blueprint while launching his first $100k affiliate commission day promoting it! This ended up #11 on the leaderboard by him.

Legendary Marketer interviewed to asked him to explain his secrets at one of their masterminds, and that discussion now became its own module part of inside their Marketer’s Club product.

Jacob Caris Marketers Club

Jacob is not only some one-trick subsidiary either. Succeeded him and proved to be his successor through multiple channels of income stream distribution including YouTube, blogging, email marketing, paid ads, and Social media Facebook.

Honestly, maybe if you don’t read the particular rest of this true review, I will suggest you just join his free Facebook group and gain through subscribing to his YouTube channel right now.

I guarantee you will level up and tend your marketing skills just from consuming his proven techniques and all the free, value-packed content that he establishes every day basic steps.

So the big question, what is the SAA (Super Affiliate Accelerator )?

SAA is an exclusive training program. An essential part of marketing skill that focuses on teaching you from scratch how to make high ticket affiliate sales using Facebook.

Super Affiliate Accelerator program 3 Basic components 

First, there’s the membership training portal. Jacob’s entire method for making confidence and that teaches how to make these high ticket sales. At the time of this review, I will advise you to watch there are 14 modules of video lessons, that are split into bite-sized for step-by-step learning.

(As you may get bored easily with long-winded videos on the initial stage, I really appreciate this tricky part of appearance in the course very much)

SAA Members Area

As usual, there is a great opportunity to interact in live training calls performed by Jacob and his companion other 2 great coaches in the program (Chris Donnelly and Jamie Gardiner). They scheduled it to do on a weekly basis.

Here you can join for the opportunity to get live, personal interaction with couch help with any questions you may be having. Some limitations are there for these calls usually last around 90 minutes, and I believe they are actually quite engaging, useful in business enhances, and entertaining too.

SAA Weekly Live Call

And finally, there’s a private community SMM group. You will find one of the most active and supportive groups. I’ve been a part of and it’s an extra place to resolve your common questions and get help with international colleague experiences.

But the biggest part becomes club members. Importantly, you will find yourself growing as well as motivated by seeing the results in everyone sharing excitedly. That kick in the pants might be helpful as many need to push themselves over the top.

SAA Big Wins

What’s the SAA training really all about?

The SAA training itself is a complete sales process through SMM. It is all about giving you ideas a boost to sell high-ticket affiliate products and create a best-earning source of big affiliate commissions.

Its main focus is on building your brand via Facebook messenger. Facebook is a big market player in closing sales.

By completing the whole training, those equipped with the mindset training, gain skills to create strategies, and frameworks. These all for what you want to promote an affiliate product.  

If I had to pick one of the most valuable so far?

I will choose a sales script framework.

With an 11-step process, you can use it with every prospect, which helps initial outreach to close your dream sale.

The script helps you to identify the prospect that is a good fit for your high ticket offer. AND quickly migrate those just wasting your time.

I’ve personally experienced many “aha” moments during studying and applying the script. Now I intend on practicing daily and willful mastering until it becomes part of my natural habits.  That's it becoming a part of my own business.

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Why I joined the Super Affiliate Accelerator

I almost didn’t join the Super Affiliate Accelerator.

I also had an opportunity to sign up earlier when it first launched (back when it was only $500!) but I didn’t because I was busy with my job and other responsibilities. Actually, I wasn’t really clear at that time what the program was all about and it's future.

After a while For some reason, I thought I should join a 1-1 coaching program with Jacob. All is not something I had a lot of spare time or desire to do intensely.

But I remember one day on FB I saw that Nathan Lucas had also joined this program.

I know Nathan Lucas… the #1 Legendary Affiliate Marketer I follow him too, who already achieved more than $1 million in commissions.

SAA-Nathan Lucas

Now I feel some serious FOMO!

So I reached out to know more to my Facebook buddy. Who was in the program already offered me to find out what he liked most about it? what it was really about?

Even I felt before a relatively “high” price tag, but now I can say that the  SAA is more than worth the money for me.

For me, I already purchased Jacob’s other course, like Dream Car Profits so I know the quality of Jacob's paid courses.

And second, as I was previously FB friends with those existing SAA members and consistently earning fantastic results?

ClickFunnels affiliate Blake Fontana hit the $10k mark in SAA commissions.

Blake Fontana SAA

The famous affiliate brothers, Evan and Eugene Wong are also seriously making huge with this system, Everyone who joins earning commissions every single day by following the exact process consistently.

SAA - Evan And Eugene

You may have read the biggest success story of Legendary Marketer affiliates, One of them Joshua Ong who achieved his first $20k Plus /month while following the steps of the members of the program.

He explained how did well with SAA and made him able to leave his nursing job. How he is pursuing online marketing full-time!

Josh Ong SAA 

These two were also types of success stories, shown no-brainer for me to become on board too.

(BTW, I have seen many in the Top Earners interview for the Training module inside SAA)

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What do I like most about the SAA?

I know how lucrative high-ticket affiliate marketing can be for a fresher.

Gaining success in promoting affiliate programs that pay you huge affiliate commissions fulfill dreams every one for Amazing Selling Machine ($1497 per sale), Affiliate Triad (up to $1,915 per sale), ActiveCampaign ($1k+ recurring), and Legendary Marketer ($1,000+ per sale), 

But, even though I can't be denied that the old sales process consisted of people reading the product reviews there I’ve also had some success with high ticket affiliate marketing, and “hoping” people like my bonuses whatever I’m offering, and clicking on my links.

This is a Super Affiliate Accelerator so exciting for what made me consume.

Because I learn repeatable, proven process examples that close sales.  Furthermore, I can apply to make more of these high ticket affiliate sales on top. Helps everywhere what I’m already doing and plan for Execution.

I always knew how powerful a network( Mention in Geeta) is whether Facebook can be a platform to build. I know what about the Jacob talks on content strategies in the workshop training.  Because I have strategies myself and seen the type of engagement I can get while using them to build my Brand. A truly beautiful mind summary actually has been using types of strategies.

FB Engagement post

As I was exercising to build my own best earning source Facebook group and using FB to network promotions, I was making affiliate commissions by communicating to people on Facebook messenger.

I was doing random chat messages on FB Messenger, I had talked with my buddy Paul Gray. like this one the most important person in my life.

FB Messenger Marketing

Conversations must be like this, my priority is to provide value to the somebody in my Facebook circle. it happens because I’ve started building a relationship.

I’ve built some great relationships, those reward me indirectly by buying through my affiliate links and I earn commissions for certain products people often buy.

That’s what influencers marketing is all about, SAA is trying to help you achieve the level of influencer and that’s the ultimate goal.

Yet, I plan for making this happen consistently. and never really had a plan or strategy towards it.

And honestly, I didn’t even know an actual sales process to do this. How much I needed fundamental knowledge for sale.

SAA changed all that for me.

I now have a blueprint to close high ticket sales AND the right mindset where to initiate.

Now I know the proven sales script that excessively converts each prospect I ask, All are pre-frames, and converts easily with fewer efforts then into buyers at a high rate.

Plus, I can get support from Jacob through the private Facebook group. Whenever I want through the weekly live calls.Best of all is a system that I think I have now and I may recommend it to people who started affiliate marketing. They can also use it to ascertain real results and enjoy online income.

Like everyone knew, the results do represent themselves. This is how I’m seeing a few 17% conversion rates, Which is pretty incredible for a high-ticket product. People convert from a lead (put in their email, Read How to grow email Subscribers) to a paying customer. 

I set my first goal to cover my initial value of the SAA. Now not only do I recover the fee itself within the primary few months of promotion, I also get some extra rewards. 

It's important to be clear, SAA isn't only about promoting itself. Of course, there is commission for what some people do and it works. But the opportunity I am discussing here I personally am more focused on promoting multiple income streams while it can work with all of the high ticket affiliate products and this also works perfectly with all types of business.

So yes, using these strategies you'll make money with ANY high ticket affiliate program.

Is Super Affiliate Accelerator fit for you?

I would like to remind you that, With that being said, the Super Affiliate Accelerator training program isn't perfect for everybody.

To come to your conclusion start answering the subsequent two questions: these will really find out if it's for you or not, 

  1. How much is my specific, pre-planned monthly income goal, For that, you realize starting with affiliate marketing?
  2. Am I getting with what I'm currently doing now? 

If your answer to the second question is “no” then don't worry let try to answer this last question:

“Am I 100% committed towards your goals and ready to really change by trying something that basically works with others?” 

If you'll honestly answer “yes” for the last question, then I am sure that if you join the Super Affiliate Accelerator training program you will have the best with yourself.

The beauty of the training is that any action taker can succeed with Jacob’s approach.

My personal experience that Facebook is the easiest and fastest social media, I thank Mark Elliot Zuckerberg for building a platform, a brand, and an audience online for everyone. I already know of It’s much, much faster than blogging on blogger or maybe Youtube.

Most of the cases for selling stuff don’t need any special technical skills, and something everyone does that you learn simply got to put in sometimes.

“…But Chris, I can see SAA leverage your own existing results with affiliate marketing. I haven't any or limited results yet?” But will it work on behalf of me working for you since you'll?

Yes, it will.

Because Jacob’s done all the basic diligence for you there too.

He’s already proven through the results. all the SAA club members are getting that his model works.

Now is your turn And you'll be ready to get the sales for you with leveraging the results of the community. You’ll learn all the success steps inside in many different lessons of the training programs.

However, if the $2,500 tag may be a circumstance, Jacob recently introduced a lower ticket product too. this lower-cost entry point tries yourself. The Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI). There's one way.

It’s sort of a startup of an SAA mini-Bootcamp training. Jacob’s MOCA framework that goes through SAA is made on top.

It’s only a $100 bill and it’s a way lower cost entry point of SAA. This way you check yourself is true for you. you'll inspect SAI using this link.

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Super Affiliate Accelerator Pricing

When Super Affiliate Accelerator, the worth was $1,497.

However, in high demand, the worth jumped up to $2,000 last August then went up to $2,500 last November 2020.

It's a proven clue that the reason why SAA can afford to try to do these price increases. All because the results of training and guidance people are getting supports this price point.

But now, I will bring you to notice that there are two additional flavors of SAA you'll check-in for. This new entry-level plan is $1,000 The primary is named SAA Basic (Super Affiliate Accelerator – Basic. ) and it includes the SAA training. But private FB groups or the weekly group coaching calls you will not get access to. 

2nd is the other named Super Affiliate Accelerator – Deluxe. For Deluxe membership fee is $4,500 and you get everything, Here I explain about, plus two, 1-1 coaching, 60-minute direct coaching calls with Jacob Caris.

Finally, I would like to recommend that if you “try before you buy”,  Here you'll experience only $100 for the Super Affiliate Intensive program. It trains the MOCA framework that also forms the inspiration of SAA. You'll use this link if you would like to travel that route.

Keep in mind only cons that There are no refunds to joining the SAA training program is absolute. It's only for those who are 100% committed to the program? Jacob wants committed people to join the program.


This is why he wants to confirm and speak on a phone call with people first, To prevent them from getting hitch.

So this way often becomes a deal-breaker for you, then you possibly are not committed and SAA  may not properly fit anyway for you.

(Now Good time is if you want to Join, Here is a special direct checkout link to join SAA)

My Final Verdict

I can proudly say of the results I’ve got after putting myself in the system which I’ve learned a lot in Super Affiliate Accelerator training which is into my practice.

It’s helped me use organic FB marketing to convert high ticket affiliate sales. Moreover, I love that it's not just SAA affiliate sales. I found the to generate Legendary Marketer commissions and also a couple of other Affiliate sales using the same business strategies I learned from the part of the course.

If you're able to buy immediately, I will recommend you to use this direct checkout link to join. This skips you directly in it and you will also get immediate access to my SAA bonuses. Taking your first step towards success kickstart your SAA results to the next level.

But if you are still on the fence. We can talk on Facebook messenger and I will be happy to help you. We can chat about whether you are a good fit for the program. Reach out to me on Facebook messenger

Join Super Affiliate Accelerator Today

My Super Affiliate Accelerator Bonuses

How much my Super Affiliate Accelerator review gets you curious about signing up?

Let me summarize What you'll be getting when joining SAA.

First of all, you'll see my exclusive bonuses for you which will assist you to get your first sale target achieve even faster and better results. Whatever you learn inside the course and implementing the strategies.

Here is what you get as a part of SAA itself:

Lifetime access to the SAA High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training

Lifetime access to all or any future training updates

Lifetime access to the SAA Facebook Mastermind Group with 6 & 7 Figure Earners

Access to Weekly Group Coaching & Mentorship Calls with Jacob

Access to all or any the Weekly Coaching Call Replays

Exclusive access to the SAA affiliate program that pays 40-50% commissions.

Now here are the bonuses you'll be getting if you check in for SAA under my affiliate link:

SAA Bonuses

SAA Bonus #1: 6 Months Mentoring & Coaching from Me (over FB messenger) – While Jacob provides live help via the weekly live calls and inside the private FB group, he doesn't provide 1-1 support over chat. So as a part of my bonus, you'll be ready to fill that requirement by getting 1-1 support from me. i will be able to personally assist you with any aspect of implementing the SAA training in your own business and assist you start getting results faster.

See my testimonials page, to ascertain what my students have said about my coaching.

SAA Bonus #2: 1-Year “Software during a Box” Membership Access – Following the SAA sales process and need to extend your conversions even more? Then you'll want to feature a singular bonus package to each high ticket you provide.

As a member of the Software during a Box, you'll initially have the power to make unlimited Group Convert and WatcherSpy accounts that you simply can use as bonuses to assist sell your high ticket affiliate products.

But I will be able to add future softwares I’m building into this membership which you'll also get access to. This includes my next software package called FP Affiliate Extractor.

FP Affiliate Extractor is particularly cool because it'll allow you to automate email follow-up with all of your SAA affiliate leads and buyers!

SAA Bonus #3: Three “Software during a Box” Bonus Licenses

I want to assist you create your first few SAA affiliate sales as easy as possible.

And to quickly recoup your cost of the SAA membership and obtain you some quick results to share.

So I'm also getting to be supplying you with three, 1-year Software during a Box membership bonuses license you'll divulge as bonuses for your first three SAA sales.

Creating bonuses is tough , but you now have a finished you irresistible SAA bonus offer able to go from the beginning!

SAA Bonus #4: Private Legendary Case Study Group Access – Legendary Marketer is one among the high ticket programs that Jacob recommends inside the SAA training. and that i also feel it should be a neighborhood of your affiliate marketing stack.

Normally this private group is out there to my very own Legendary Marketer affiliates. But you'll be getting access to the present group also as a part of my bonus.

Inside, you'll get a totally transparent check out how I’m promoting Legendary Marketer. I’m sharing all the content I publish, SEO strategies I’m using to rank them, and insights into all my stats.

SAA Bonus #5: Friend Connector Lifetime Account – Another important aspect of SAA is building up your friends list with targeted people in your chosen niche. Normally this is able to be a manual and tedious process.

But Friend Connector is an awesome chrome extension that helps you add friends and build your audience on FB on autopilot. ready to "> you'll run it inside any Facebook group you're a member of and add targeted friends who you'll be able to reach to and shut using the SAA methods.

To qualify for my bonuses just purchase SAA with my affiliate link. you'll receive your bonuses within 24 hours after making payment.

Join Super Affiliate Accelerator Today

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