Most Popular Careers in Consulting Industry Top 15

Most Popular Careers in Consulting Industry Top 15

Most Popular Careers 
in Consulting Industry

Choose your own Consulting Career Type what is best suitable for you?

When did you first think about becoming a consultant? How Can I Become A Consultant?

You can start with these two primary ways either your choice, comfort, and suitability to get into a consulting career.

  1. Get hired.
  2. Start your own business.
Do you understand what it means to be a consultant, or do you see any type of consulting career?

Similar to earning in a job or entrepreneurship, being an earning seeker is also many young careerists aspire to become a consultant without actually understanding, Where to start a consultant career? What it's all about? How much is the opportunity?

In this post we point out as a guide, I will share here 15 Most Popular Careers in Consulting Industry by separating in the three main consulting categories to evaluate for you to find out which one consulting career is best earning source for you?

Who can be a consultant? What Is Consulting? Why Consulting is a good career?

As per most famous Oxford dictionary, the meaning of a consultant is a person who provides expert advice professionally on behalf of his Excellency of experience in a specific field"

You can say simply for a consultant is providing expert advice to a specific group of people to enhance business or resolve issues.

What does the mean of the expertise area? Do you have some kind of expertise?

Definition of the area of expertise: a person who knows a lot is discussed, described or dealt in a particular subject area. An area of expertise where another person asks a Question to resolve issues?

Have you ever seen out there are people, who want to advantage from that expertise by solving issues?

If you are one of them and can solve their problems and help these people to achieve their goals, then the happiest point is you can become a pro consultant too! Congratulations, 

Now the question rises up what are kind of expertise produce consulting careers? What type of consulting pays the most?
To find a clear picture, we need to elaborate on these three most famous consulting categories.
  1. Careers in Management Consulting
  2. Careers in Corporate Consulting
  3. Careers in Independent Consulting

Top 5 Careers in Management Consulting

Management consulting category comes first in mind when asked to most of the peoples about "consulting" 

Enterprise or businesses hire to improve their operations and strategy these large consulting companies like Boston Consulting Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), McKinsey, Ernst & Young (E&Y), Deloitte, Bain, and KPMG, etc... Those are already dominated in the field of Consultancy. There are others like "Mergers and acquisitions" who have specialties to manage significant business events. 

As per various data from the professional world, only Management consultants get the highest salaries. Everyone expects to part of such a lucrative career, thus huge competition makes it extremely difficult to in until you have top-tier grades.

You need a strong background and endorsement from the right peoples related to management consultancy experience. You will be screened in the long interview process at multiple steps by the grace of your expertise, once you are in; still, things are not easy for beginners.

You have to manage yourself always on the top executor accordingly situation due to the high progression system has only option either promote-or-be-fired. How to manage heights performer at each level?

Considering Careers in Management Consulting can be further split into numbers of various categories, check below, what is five topmost Management Consulting Jobs?

1. Strategy Consulting Careers

Strategic management is part of the C-suite level of decision making; it means you are directly influencing corporate officers and the director’s level already, which have strong experienced team? 

What a top-down view for business, This blog is one of the C-suite It's where to find cardinal choices for indicating the direction are made a characteristic effect to enhance the business.

Most of the queries from Strategic management like:

  • What is the core vision for trajectory?
  • Better resource allocations to entering a new market?
  • Which will be the Best Strategy to retain the current portfolio?
Before answering these types of questions, it requires a deep analysis base on factual data mapping, pros, and cons of each aspect of view.

Market understanding demand competition and analytics are most important. These huge decisions need an intensive process and due diligence on the potential directions.

Naturally, this is not a periodical task so better to hire a permanent employee, C-suite often prefer brings strategy consultants. 

The consultants will be able to provide a thorough unbiased brief to C-suite who specializes in a particular industry. The consultant looks at every possibility and probability for prepare deep analytic data which use to help the business leader in annotated decision-making.

If you look strategy consulting as a career standpoint its best which is considered one of the most prestigious jobs? Although difficult to access track in management consulting

If you look strategy consulting a career standpoint then it's the best one which considered one of the most prestigious jobs. Although difficult to access superscription in management consulting still make an effort is not a bad idea, sharpen your ax is better for doing the same. Best performer and a long track record for exceptional capacity for data analysis and conceivable metrics can stimulate your foot in the door.

2. Operations Consulting Careers

As the name encourages what drives the business itself but for a consultant view it’s the operational processes are core values of a business. How a small hole can burst a big balloon. 

Operations cover in management view like:

  • Process management
  • Procurement planning
  • Outsourcing allocation
  • Supply chain management
A phrase: "good business owner always looking for the best manager" to better optimize their operational processes. Third-party consultant support enhances the unbiased view to increasing efficiency, cutting costs; improve quality in a variety of ways. 

Operations consultants for expert-advise significant changes to a business during certain scenarios such as changes in management, technological rollouts, or economic downturns on a political decision, etc... 

Operations consultants put high diligence and work closely with senior executives of business to summaries the core values to understandable and making a decision from a business's operations. 

During the process most of the conspicuous queries come out like:

  • How can we reduce operational costs in this plant?
  • How do we increase production efficiency in this factory?
  • How can we reduce bottlenecks in this supply chain?
  • How do we improve quality control to maintain zero PPM?
Operations consultants often diligence work with business in many cases being involved through deployment execution beyond just giving advice, unlike strategy consultants. 

The main role of operations consultants is problem-solvers like all management consultants. This field is also highly competitive to get into this as a career.

3. Financial Advisory Consulting

Finance is the backbone of every business. To better thrive and survive for Good businesses financial decisions must make objective and analyze the effects. The huge number of complex variables can help to make these decisions perfect and profitable, must consider taking into account.

This is the reason financial service business is so vast like:

A Financial Advisor works closely with specific expertise to provide financial advice to ensure, accelerate, and improve the individual company. Benefits are easy to grasp: and one study also indicates a good financial advisor can increase 3.75 percent returns and can provide accurate projections that will help grow the business exponentially.

Questions asked to Financial Advisors mostly face like:

  • How can we legally and ethically reduce the tax bill of this corporation?
  • How can we improve cash-flow in this business?
  • Which investment opportunities will provide the highest return, for the least amount of risk?
Provide financial advice a Financial Advisor must have specific qualifications and a license from the country specified Regulatory Authority.

For example in the US (FINRA) Financial Industry Regulatory Authority issue license Series 65 or 66, for that you need to pass a skill exam administered by the U.S FINRA

4. Human Resources Consulting

A phrase said by Kathryn Minshew, founder, and CEO of The Muse. "A business is only as good as its people," Page Number 188 of the following book"Start a Successful Business" 

Long-term success in business, employee management has effectively and significant roles. There’s a lot to consider into account.

High expectation is human nature for the betterment; employee management becomes crucial so need clear and effective processes. 

Businesses need in place, How to manage things such as:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Hiring and recruiting
  • Training and Motivations to enhance performance
  • Brand engagement and satisfaction
  • Activity Conflict resolution and cultural
  • Employee perks, benefits, and pensions
  • Talent promotion and mobility
  • Monitor cost-effective Payroll
The human resource (HR) consultancy industry is to help companies more specific tasks and decisions in General management. They not only prepare well-ordered data on a wide range of issues involving their employee management but also advise companies C-suite How to resolve smoothly.

Questions asked to Human Resource Consultants mostly like:

  • Are these policies and procedures in-line with state/federal laws and regulations?
  • How can we best implement these HR policies and procedures?
  • What kind of training sessions is recommended for HR programs?
  • How can we improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness?
Essentially, Human Resource Consultants help in business and work to ensure that an organization is using its workforce most effectively as possible.

To counted in this category and well recognize these consultants must have a broad knowledge in many other related fields, including, finance, accounting, operations, marketing, technical, IT, and labor laws. This wide knowledge enables them to fully understand the complete organization HR issues and thus how the best cost-effective remedy brings to them.

Educational background help for it, HR Consultants typically need an MS-HRM (Master's Degree in human resource management) or MBA (Master's Degree in business administration), although a bachelor's degree in human resources management helpful but higher or multiple subjects is better.

PHR certification by a top organization enhances performance gravity and credibility. What should I Pursue HRCI or SHRM Certifications? HR Certification Institute (HRCI) is one of the best specialists in HR certification organization. 

5. Risk & Compliance Consulting

All organizations need ethical practices to adhere to laws as standards regulations of Federal and State Laws, Regulations, related to their all aspect of industries compliance. This compliance is the process of ensuring whatever they do.

Compliance enforcement program helps to detect and prevent any governance violation, such as abuse, discrimination, or fraud.

In other words, the purpose Company policies have to enforce the compliance program is to protect an organization from the risk of fine and lawsuits.

Questions asked to Risk and compliance consultants like:

  • What is the ethics program of a business organization?
  • How can we ensure that all responsibilities are meeting legal requirements? Is that incorporated into business processes as well in internal compliance?
  • How can we conduct an in-depth analysis of this organization's compliance programs, in relation to applicable ethical standards?
  • What is the business or industry-specific legal risks? What are needed to establish internal controls?
  • How do you implement compliance programs? And how can we improve or integrate into Policies?

Risk and compliance consultants advise to C-suite on legal issues. And, they often work to ensure organization-wide acculturation and help to develop compliance programs accordingly. 

Legal issues take time to resolve and big loss of money. So these Risk and compliance consultants must possess wisdom and broad knowledge of legal regulations and organizational compliance management, but they also required an in-depth understanding of parameter comparison to describe to obviate specific industries.

Risk and compliance consultants will virtually need an advanced qualification such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Better if you have Certification like CISA / CISSP / CISM etc...

The 5 Main Types of Corporate Consulting Careers

Similar to the Management category in the form of corporate consultancy also has big opportunities for high paid jobs in the category of consulting. Although a massive spectrum of jobs description still there is also huge competition. 

Are you looking for more information? Then it could be a good bunch in the corporate world with a job description word of "consulting" 

Normally you can assume it in-house consulting services or B2B consulting businesses, whether it or not? It shows your opinion in a comment. 

As a general rule a part of these implementation teams, people who have a decade of experience in their industry and pursued the corporate track. Here I am sharing topmost corporate category consulting career which is not only popular although highest paid too.

In this category often have a good team, How represents the entire group? What are the most popular corporate consulting careers?

Here are five most of these:

1. IT Consulting Careers

Day to day there are huge developments going on at a rapid pace in technology, similar businesses need to keep update to achieve their goals, in this competitive edge rush to keep maintaining they face lots of critical issues. 

The competitive edge of commerce, How Information Technology (IT) comes in the picture? 

IT includes components like:

  • Systems integration and update
  • Enterprise architecture and execution
  • Software management strategy
  • Data analytics and safe storage

Due to the specific need for creating, implementing, and managing these systems enterprise businesses need expert advice. 

IT consulting industry become the most important and demanding 

Therefore this - $5 trillion global IT market value is about the 17 times of the management consulting - $285 Billion.

An essential part Realm of enterprise businesses, IT consulting is relevant to every size of businesses.

Top 3 Questions asked to an IT consultant:

  • How can we use new technology to achieve our strategic goals?
  • How can optimize the existing IT setup? Do we need to replace it?
  • How do we integrate the best enterprise architecture framework?

IT consulting is incredibly demanding: Gerard Verweij, one of the most demanding U.S. technology consultant of PricewaterhouseCoopers says "We live for our clients," its shows their diligence for huge business demand of IT consultancy. 

Over-time and long travel are all part of the IT job "including weekend work too." thus IT professionals need to sacrifices because of their client's requirement. 

Like others, IT consultants need a detailed knowledge of almost leading applications and there use like cloud computing, ERP software, analytics software, security practices, etc… It's becoming a challenging field where technologies emerging regularly. But ever-growing demand makes it's fairly easy to get into.

Still, are there big opportunities?

2. Business Consulting Careers

Business consulting' is an umbrella term means encompasses many types of consulting task. As indicating the name, it needs to support the complete profile of a Business such as most difficult task Laid-off workers or employee training. 

Consider simply, business consultants analyze a business's practices to find out all resolvable issues for those cause business lacking and then recommend for improvements. The business consultant needs some form of specific expertise that comes from experience for that they are hired to maximum advantage. 

Why Organizations hire a business consultant:

  • Objectively lookout the business to identify problems and provide solutions accordingly.
  • Specialist expertise required to solve a specific problem.
  • Specialist expertise required for capitalizing on an opportunity.
  • Handle controversial issues like layoffs or conflict resolution.
  • Extra horsepower to neutral and objective supplement the existing staff.

Questions asked to Business consultants like:

  • What is this business SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)?
  • Should we re-allocate resources for better returns in the current scenario?
  • What is important at this moment, should this business focus on acquiring more customers? 
  • How to increase the average order value (AOV)? Need a strategy to retain customers for re-purchase?
Experience and proven track record help to be hired as a business consultant, rather than a qualification, personal quality, or aspect of a person's background. It is not against the credentials, typically credentials used to indicate that they are suitable for something or not.

If you have the experience to solve a few specific problems that many businesses face abnormally, can consistently provide a solution for those than you can definitely succeed as a business consultant.

At least a Bachelor's Degree is to be required to get in a foothold in the corporate world unless you find a way to start a consulting business.

Is it a long journey in Business consulting after several decades of experience very peaceful and high paid as well? 

Business consultants usually having advanced expertise in a specific niche outside the usual channels enhances your demand in the industry. 

3. Environmental Consulting Careers

Environmental care is very important for human life. Globally now lots of movements active as well as many govt policies and regulations reformed. Companies are no longer free at will to dispose of any way their waste, reshape large areas of land, air contamination or misuse of water resources. 

Large organizations are very conscious of compliant with environmental laws and regulations and remain compliant. They hire consultants to accurately predict how the environment affected by their activities who resolve related issues or find ways to limit the damage. 

These environmental policies and regulations may cause direct financial penalty or process delay due to many restrictions of industry norms at any stage.

Before starting a project these companies want to make sure all expect of views like waste management or city planning. How to analyze the environmental effects of their proposed plans? An Environmental Consultant can help their most accurate predictions findings and submit them to the local government.

Questions asked to Environmental consultants like:

  • How can we minimize environmental impacts in business activity?
  • Does our business activity comply with all environmental laws of local, state, and federal regulations?
  • How to minimize the negative impact of this proposed activity?

Environmental consultants work as large consulting firms, but a part of smaller firms or government agencies can be independent consultants too. To achieve success as an environmental consultant and get proposals accepted typically relies upon highly knowledgeable biologists or similar levels of training, BSC Bachelor of science in bio or chemistry preferred. 

4. Software Consulting Careers

Computer software is the most important and powerful business tool that can enhance proficiency. How to use business software effectively? And successfully implement.

When businesses purchase large, complex software like SAP or ERP suites because of these fundamentally support each type of their operations, it becomes more crucial that software regularly optimized their workflows.

This Large business process management software like SAP or ERP suites are often used for following business processes:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Content management system
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resource management

Most of the case these types of large and complex software handled by the selling or software providers.

This business management software must be tailored to each business's priorities and individual needs.

Yet even when we move past rarely effective "out of the box" bespoke vs. made to measure business management software still we see a high degree of complexity, thus why there are dedicated niche software experts thriving 3rd party market, helping to implement businesses management software.

Questions asked to Software consultants like:

  • Do we need software alterations to solve workflow inefficiencies?
  • What implementation of this software to solve the specific challenges this organization faces?
  • How can we train employees for the best practice to use this software effectively?

Corporate software management consultants need to be adept in analytical experience and highly skilled in a particular software niche. Although software consultants work problem-solving processes but also perform to availability of training programs. 

A Bachelor's Degree in software engineering or software development can help to become part of this consultancy category, often master’s degree like MSC /Mtech preferred for this career. 

5. Sales Consulting

Sales are a part of the business like Heart in the body. You can understand sales is how important for a business? I mean to say need continues uninterrupted work. It’s also had ups and downs moments as BP in EVERY business owner wants to enhance their sales team's performance by pumping motivation, so sales become the perfect field for corporate consultants.

The main role of a sales consultant is typically focused upon sales strategies training and motivation of salespeople, similarly, they can be hired to advise or monitor on workflows,

Sales consultant guide how to enhance Business internal processes or using a CRM, locate or obtain merchandise based, deep analysis on customer needs and desires and many other methods for managing the sales team more effectively.

Hire a sales trainer for a fresh perspective always better than bring the new outside party to your team. They know how to progress to qualify and close better," said Matt Belitsky, SVP of Global Sales & Marketing at Komiko.

Sales consultants often focus on Use of five P of Marketing (• Penchant, • Paraphrase, • Personality, • Positivism, • Persuasion)

Questions asked to Sales Consultants like:

  • How can we improve the current sales process in our business?
  • Which sales strategies work most effectively? And how can we leverage them?
  • How can incentivize allocation enhance our sales team?
  • How we can rehearse and motivate our sales team?

The path to becoming a sales consultant is pretty straightforward. You need to have excelled at sales and then excelled at managing a sales team. The more sales teams you've managed successfully and the higher up the corporate ladder you've climbed, the more attractive you will be as a consultant hired.

The 5 Main Types of Independent Consulting Careers

Most of the cases while someone achieves specific achievement in expertise in an area; they choose as self-sufficing human nature independent consultancy rather than an employee and start their own business around their expertise where they feel relaxed to generate better ideas for best earning source

Emerging economy countries creating highly lucrative businesses giving opportunities to thousands of new independent consultants, In this scenario-specific expertise becomes more valuable can be virtually any part of the business where it can be sold as an independent consultant.

While different independent consultants start to build their businesses, as usual, they also need new clients. Here I can say the internet can be their primary way for best earning source to generate leads and landing new clients

In different ways, Most famous ten consulting career types already covered above those can be good guidance as an independent consulting, which one is business consulting being a particularly best choice for you?

In addition, which are the most popular five fields as independent consultants? I am sharing here.

1. Marketing Consulting Careers

All businesses have a basic needs build strategy to attract, close deals, and retain new clients.

All businesses have a basic need to attract, convert, and retain new clients. And to do this, executing complex marketing channels comes in the picture like: 

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Direct response marketing
  • Print, TV, and radio advertising

It's challenging for business owners while in a competitive task choosing the right marketing channels. A huge variety and cost-effective options could cause you to choose the wrong methods, A wrong decision could end up before sinking your business, as you aware marketing world changing constantly on demands and technology.

How to choose effective ad media? What is the best ad media that can change drastically in business as little as a year?

Thus the why marketing consultants required to play an important role to enhance the business right ways. Marketing consultants make the strategy to improve results also involve in their marketing campaigns to run accordingly. 

Questions asked to Independent marketing consultants like:

  • What marketing channels are best for our business?
  • How can we achieve high conversions to reduce our customer acquisition cost (CAC)?
  • How we can increase our average order value (AOV)? What Strategy can we use upsells and cross-sell?
  • How can we enhance our lifetime customer value (LTV)? What is best is to create brand loyalty?

Most of the independent marketing consultants use their specialization only for one or two digital marketing system in which they are the most performer, this is also enhanced their own experience and performance for a niche system. They can offer to the client, what is good for your niche business on a turnkey base service?

This is a great opportunity where degrees and certifications not required much, although IT background helps better, are you seeking a new career and a new path to entrepreneurship? This is a common business pursuit for people of all ages and backgrounds.

2. Financial Consulting Careers

Everyone has to make financial decisions at every step in this financially oriented world to manage their day-to-day expenses, taxes, insurance, and investment. The market has lots of uncertainty so Businesses and individuals need their financial decisions accurately.

For individuals, life-changing situations such as a career change, medical issues, or the birth of a child or such as marriage, loss in share market can present a number of financial challenges. 

Like individuals in business also have lots of certain or uncertain financial challenges like product development, hiring new operational or sales team, govt policies change employees benefit programs can be demanding. These scenarios why many people hire financial consultants or financial advisors? Simply for help to manage finances for many things or businesses.

Questions asked to Independent financial consultants like:

  • How can achieve financial independence at retirement using 401Ks, IRAs, etc,
  • How can we improve the cash-flow to better enable the growth of this business?
  • How to choose investment opportunities which best suit this individual's current situation — stocks, bonds, real estate, etc?

Financial consultants will often work similarly with other professional advisors, such as attorneys, insurance agents, share brokers, and accountants. If you have a well-organized network and influenceable communication skills You can be an independent financial consultant, for that need to gain Series 65 or 66 licenses from FINRA ( Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) In the U.S. and other countries have administered authorities to issue as well similar license to pursue. 

3. Image Consulting Careers

Influencer marketing is now on top trend. An influencer is a person whose appearance strongly to influences other people's perceptions. 

Research shows influencers can use their intelligence, financial success, trustworthiness, and authority to enhance business promotions. Image of influencers heavily affects their fan's perceptions. So, many people hire image consultants to improve their impressive look which also makes better chances of landing a date, job, promotion or new client.

Questions asked to Image consultants like:

  • How to choose clothing style to best represent individual wishes to be perceived?
  • How can I improve individual communication skills?
  • Which behavioral changes did I require to project the image they desire?
  • How to use body language techniques that can this individual employ?
  • How to use business etiquette to appear more confident and trustworthy?

In which specific area individual or multiple you can perform better such as body language communication, etiquette, or clothing style? Where is some image consultant specialize for the best comprehensive approach? 

Most case image consultants offer their services remotely, but in some cases for high-end clients, they may travel to the client's location too. How much they paid for that? Depend upon price spectrum and training required.

Similar to marketing consulting an image consultant succeeds not depend on their educational background or any formal pieces of training. Formally Clients attracted to whatever portfolio images presented to them online or offline. How an inspiration on advice could be hired as an image consultant to emulate them in some way.

4. Social Media Consulting Careers

While talking on social media utilization now they have a significant role in business. Its best promotional media to influence clients towards products and service when used correctly,

Businesses also use social media as an incredibly powerful tool for presence in public.

Social Media Marketing Industry Report says, Unfortunately, a large number of businesses still not involved effectively or even not understand the value of social media impact. 

Why consumers want direct interaction with brands on social media? Consumers want feedback online for their required products and service before they buy and Social media now the perfect way to get feedback from friends or real users. 

When these businesses faced with minimal results often turn to an experienced social media consultant to enhance their presence and collect a bunch of good feedback. 

Questions asked to Social media consultants like:

  • How to achieve the highest ROI for this brand? Which social media channels will help most?
  • How to increase engagement for this business on social media?
  • What type of content will best for this business to post regularly on social media?
  • How can we do a social media campaign to market these new products effectively?

Social media consultants create the best strategies to reach a targeted audience for a specific business and cost-effective highest conversion. 

Social media consultants manage pages and online campaigns directly or remotely for small to mid-size companies. Where big size team support can take for specific short term huge workouts. 

Once again, Social media consultants not require any official qualifications. Most important is user-friendly with social media tools and be adaptive to provide real progressive results. Wide knowledge of brand marketing and up-to-date on trends and industry tools provide benefits to better service for clients. 

5. Career Coaching & Consulting

Career Coaching & Consulting works where some people are in confusion How to choose the best earning source as a career path? Or which one is best suitable to their profile? To make sure for peoples easy and show the path who don't know how to get there and help those peoples for where they want to be. 

Career Coaching & Consultant also help those are trying to overcome a specific obstacle during their career, who stuck at a certain point. 

Some time for individuals become challenging to know which profile the best suite them or which skills need to develop for career enhance point of view, whether a change in specific career is a right move at this time. Such interruption in life often comes where start, change or what jobs to apply? A Career Coaching & Consultant helps best in this scenario. 

Questions asked to where career coaches and consultants help most like:

  • Which career path will best me an individual's personality and talents? Which job preferences for my needs?
  • How to increase my chances of promotion? How can achieve the best position in this individual job?
  • What skills need to develop in order to achieve their career goals?

Career consultants are very helpful while some people in confusion about the initial stages of their career journeys. These consultants tend to understand the client's requirement for a particular job and provide guidance to help How to fit in a good career. 

Career consultants also guide How can be progressed in their specific career, and how to overcome specific challenges? Which many others face in job life? Their job is to understand the challenge and solve it in the most effective way. 

Career coaches and consultants also not required any specific academic qualifications like some other consultant careers. Having a background in Human resource or headhunting enhance the hiring probability. Also, a master’s degree in HR and long experience can increase credibility. 

Career consultants can have advanced expertise in a specific industry, but they do need to understand 10 Things You Should Know about Career Coaching relative to the career landscape.

Interested In A Consulting Career?

Conclusion: We have described here 15 types of Consulting career in different careers categories, Its all upon you which best suited to your profile experience or educational background or still have any confusion then you need to discuss as in the last point, How to find your Career Coaching & Consulting? Which consulting career you will pursue?

Please comment below, I will happy to help and find your answer. 

I've helped over 100+ people build successful independent consulting businesses create the best earning source for themselves and helping other peoples as well. Most of these careers are recreative which you can start with your existing business too. 

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