20 Ideas How to Earn Online Money for Passive Income


20 Ideas For How to Earn Money Online That could be the Best Earning Source for Passive Income Sitting at Home

A steady income for the enterprising sweet dream. Nowadays the Internet is a revolutionary way to find income opportunities online. Best earning source for your best way to earn fast money online. Now it qualifies as a solitary source of income, the internet can help you supplement it or a new startup. Yet, the amount you earn depends on the skills. How much you develop or willing to learn along with the time and effort invested.

Go through the following 20 options. I am sharing with you my experiences and find out which ones best fit your existing skills and work for you.

 1. Sell Stock Photos Online 

These days smartphones become more popular for photography. If you have a good camera end loved photography, you have a great chance for huge earnings. There are lots of people seeking a wide range of photos. The question is How to find interested peoples in your best collection of pictures ? for use in blogs and websites or social media accounts. 
Nowadays, it's easy to publish your photos on public platforms. which are the best public platforms? provide a convenient way to build a secondary Best earning source? You may Like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Fotolia, etc... Many more similar online stock photo agencies. You can search on google, they share a commission on the uses of their photos for peoples. 

 2. Affiliate Marketing / Online Trader / E-commerce Reseller 

If you are one of those, Who has good skill in selling or easy explain things. My favorite one of the best ways to make money online. generate Best earning source is to become a trader, reseller, or affiliate. An affiliate can be any person like me who gets a commission for selling other products that he promotes. whether on his free Blog, Website, social media, or through any other media such as eBay. 
Most exciting is in this condition, You don't have to buy before selling these products. You can start these with only need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company. Start promoting to selling its products with your referral link. A huge list of Firms such as Amazon, Target, Click Bank, Commission Junction, etc... have a huge list of products which may you interested to sell for your Best earning source. 

 3. Blogging as me 

If you're passionate about writing notes. A closet writer who willing to publish. Still can't find a way how to do reveal your thoughts to the public? Then Start, you can make each keystroke your Best earning source. Create a fine way to wealth by penning all your thoughts on your own blog like mine. Starting a blog is very easy with the blogger. it doesn't need any extensive and complicated technical skills. but most important is that you have expertise in the field you are writing on or you can post as news too. 
Your attractive content will promote visitors to your site. Building a large fan following will enhance your to earn profit. by seducing writing paid reviews, paid promotions as advertisers, or getting commissions. You can become an influencer for promoting other brand products. 

 4. Write promotional Content

If you think maintaining a blog is tough for you but you still want to continue your passion for content writing, you can write down your articles for other blogs or sites that pay for guest posting such as PayPerPost, Weblogs, or Helium, etc... Writing an ebook could be a good option for you. These days E-books are most in-demand. Its investment free due to no cost required for printing and shipping charges. 
One more option, If you have a strong command over your own or any foreign languages. You can work as a copy editor. where you will get paid by many webmasters to read and correct their articles. for grammatical errors, sentence fragments, etc. 

 5. Online Tuitions / Skill Development Webinars 

These days demand for skilled tutors is in high demand and growing. In this, if you are willing to help others in learning. Specific subjects or online teaching could be the earning ticket for you. The internet helps on long-distance or as well international. All you have to be a few spare hours per week need to become an online tutor in which subject your expertise. 
Smart Thinking, e-tutor, Tutor.com, and TutorVista are some of the best online platforms. Where you can enroll for your further Best earning source. If you already have or could gain a good reputation as a personal tutor/coach. You have more chances to conduct online lectures. Webinars, or live seminars which could help to share over the internet.
There are many schools, colleges, and university students. Those are willing to pay entry to gain extra knowledge on a well-respected Webinar. You can start with Facebook paid events too if you have 1000+ subscribers on your page. 

 6. Virtual Assistant 

Businesses always need external help. In their running processes in many ways, either small or big corporates. Some time in cost-cutting age or may not be willing to hire a full-time employee for such sort of time. 
How to find a virtual assistant job? You may expect to perform as a traditional secretary or virtual assistant. You may perform any administrative task. Many other tasks such as make travel reservations, hotel booking, handle expense reimbursements. Pay bills, email replies, or social media account handling also good. 
This work you can perform from your home as your own comfort, interacting online with clients. Your expertise and performance will solidify how much and how long you will earn. 

 7. Buying / Selling domains 

Buying and selling domain names is one of the other ways to make online money from home. That also not requires a very big investment or time. You can buy domains for many small businesses at their registration prices. Even cheaper on offer price and trade them with financial profit. 
But, you need to always active and research sites. such as afternic.com, GoDaddy, ebay.com, or other similar domain auction sites. Best way to get an estimated price of the hottest selling names. 
The best way to find good ones in the list of use terminated domains. which contains expired names that already have lots of backlinks that help in SEO. 

 8. Professional Freelancing 

Professionals have a great opportunity in online income via Freelancing. It's an option for those who are experts in their respective fields of knowledge. Know-how to ensure customer satisfaction in the specific trades. 
Various freelancing and project-oriented websites allow companies that need professional help. Companies need to describe their running projects. Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, and Fiverr.com offer bids, ideas. Where small business proposals from sellers can choose from. What they find the most suitable service. These companies help the Best way to earn money online.

These Websites cover almost everything from software programming and writing to data entry. Also design developments, while many Worker focuses on the software programming. 

 9. Online Advertising 

This is also a good option who has their own website. Where You can sell space on your Website or blog for advertisements? You will earn for every click for these ads visitors via your site. 
Profitability and earning depend on the value of pay-per-click. Advertising depends on the geographic location of the visitor. and How much traffic on the site? Most import related to the contents, cost per click, and the clickthrough rate. 
I am also using Google AdSense as it is the most popular option. Similar while many other Google Adsense Alternatives are also. Those also you can use. For more information please read those in my other post. You can use sponsored Direct banner and RSS feed are another way of online advertising. know more about Online Advertising

 10. Make my own brand for Selling Online

If you have an instinctive aptitude for designing attractive images or inspirational quotes. Then no need to bother about creating your own business inventory. There are several sites where your design can print on products. Most like Coffee mugs, Hats, T-shirts, Books, Bags. Also Calendars, Posters, Greeting Cards, Visiting cards, etc. 
Where you can earn handsome money as commissions. You needed to have upload designs on Websites. CafePress, and if someone like these design and orders. The company will print the same as per the order quantity. Also direct delivered the products to the customer for fast Delivery. 
You will receive a pre-decided commission for each sale with your designs. Many corporate functions or party orders in bigger quantity gives you a large sum of money as income. 

 11. PTC & GPT Program 

PTC, GPT or Get-paid-to sites are becoming popular among teens. You will get paid for signing up for newsletters. Many Websites filling out online surveys, and playing games. These are best suitable for people who have a lower-level skill set but want to earn extra money. 
Become a part of online surveys is very simple. Register with a few legitimate sites for paid surveys. You need to answer simple questions. Most of the topics are a wide range from the shopping of daily use products to local politics. 
This income might not be a full-time living but you can earn little extra pocket money. One of the trusted GPT Websites I find Contests2win. 

 12. Online Marketing 

If you have your own website or blog then it may a great opportunity. You must need to optimize for search engine (SEO) and start with SEM or Search Engine Marketing. You can find a hidden treasure trove with an SEO/SEM expert. 
How SEO works for marketing a Website and how can promote it in various ways? it's very interesting and not typical to learn. You may start from scratch. These include writing press releases, articles on marketing, blog posting, forum posting. submitting your site to different directories and search engines, social media bookmarking, etc. 
Many companies that don't do this in-house may hire you and offer you a handsome amount to conduct the SEM for them. 

 13. Make themes templates

It's common practice now, people seek an online presence on social media. As well as their own websites or blogs. Thus it's a big factor in the demand for Website templates and blog templates. How to create attractive WordPress theme templates. Responsive Blogger templates, Shopify store themes templates also in huge demand. It seems will keep increasing. 
If you are not good at Web designing and coding still you can generate an income. By trading from designing Web themes. In these segments, if you can create your own themes or templates. With your own creativity then sell on the marketplace. There are wide mainstream Websites. Such as ThemeForest and TemplateMonster, this marketplace supports everyone to sell themes. 
Templates that sold for profits depending on functions. user rights and attractive features that are including them. 

 14. E-commerce Support & service 

Programing Professionals have another great way to earn extra bucks by Providing coding. They can be fixing other Webmasters' issues. 
Many simple jobs are ranging from template settings, adding a script to setting up sites. Web coding knowledge is essential. which can support the offer as Web CMS (content management systems) like Drupal or Joomla. 
After your own installation, you can be comfortable with help other people. as well as set up and configure for them with mutual benefits and agreements. 

 15. Stock Market/forex trading 

Yet, joining the stock/forex market may seem a bit risky for new peoples. Still, there are opportunities to start with small. until you gain experience in this area and continue researching. 
Once you start and gain experience. it will be one of the easy ways to earn from exchanging foreign currencies and/or stocks. Market rates fluctuate depending on many reasons. Supply and demand, government policy amendments, economic and political influences in the world, etc...
A trader always monitors which currency/stock is likely to rise or fall. In value against another aim to gain profit. The simple it works like as much time you put in market analytics, the more opportunity you to earn. 

 16. Open BPO or Inbound call center 

Many startup companies and corporates required too for BPO services. May those are facing constraints of office venue. Especially those located in metro cities. Many others prefer to outsource certain processes. Like to hire workers to work from outside their offices. 
Set up a BPO center or an inbound call center at home to handle such jobs that come in the picture. You need to research different companies that are outsourcing their work. Here you may have a lot of opportunities for BPO center or inbound call center agents. 
You can work for yourself and hire others too for more than one company. This type of work can be either a part-time or full-time business. It's depending on your financial needs and available opportunities. 

 17. Transcription 

Transcription work for making written copies of oral material dictated for interviewers. Medical transcription involves doctors or other medical experts. 
These may include clinical notes, consultation notes, reports, psychiatric evaluation. Which can be for letters, treatment history and physical reports, and so on. The most challenging aspect of this job is the dictated material. This transcribe job needs to quick and accurate.
You need to gain a good knowledge of medical terminology. If you want to become a medical transcriptionist and a high typing speed along with accuracy. 

 18. Data Research for others 

No need to morose if you are not able to write, design, or code. If you have not specific talents, doesn't mean you are not able to make money online. 
If you're willing to work hard for a few extra hours a week. You can take tasks like simple research for other people. Those who don't have much time or not willing to do it themselves. 
You could search for such opportunities in many organizations. That provides funding to assist them through research and online investigation. 

 19. Create a Public Channel on YouTube

If you are a creative or a dramatic performer may hide inside you. Who has a passion for craves for adulation and applause? Then uploading yourself on YouTube you may achieve with fan and income. 
You can perform as a filmmaker, content creator, musician. Anchor like Manish Paul or comedian like Kapil Sharma. Your own professional education program that wants a wider audience.  Your earnings will depend on ads displayed on your video page. This process is like the above mention in PTC pay-per-click advertising program. This is common for other Websites and personal blogs too. Other similar sites such as Mediaflix, Flixya also be helpful in this regard. 

Your earnings will depend on ads displayed on your video page. This process is like the above mention in PTC pay-per-click advertising program. This is common for other Websites and personal blogs too. Other similar sites such as Mediaflix, Flixya also be helpful in this regard. 

 20. Mobile App Development 

Nowadays smartphones gaining popularity due to their many apps. Thus the demand for mobile application development demand increased. There are more than millions of apps for the iPhone and Google's Android market. 

Selling your own smartphone application is a very popular way to make money online. Learning or creating Mobile Apps cost almost nothing Like Flutter SDK. This is a free application platform to develop iOS and Android apps. 
So App developers enjoy lucrative way of profit margins. I also love using Flutter SDK android studio to develop apps. 


You may like what I shared here. There are many chances to earn money online. Where you need to find your own skill that can transform into an online business. 
Don't forget to comment below what is the Best earning source for you. Which one do you like most?

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