9 Tips to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

How to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

How do you generate quality ideas? and spend precious time Writing Killer Thriller content for your blog? Do you reap what you sow an idiom? Does it work for all the benefits of your content marketing ? If not, or you are not sure about it, you want to sell your content effectively for online income source! 

No doubt advertising works but does not sense to promote your blog through paid ads especially for those who are on startup. Unlike business websites, I recommended using social media, what other options are there?

SEO and social media marketing, of course, best options.

And since I have already detailed a post SEO for blogs, Here we are going to shed a little light, what is the best way for an effective Content Marketing strategy? and how to promote your blog on social media? 

You can try taking a survey among bloggers or marketers, even webmasters too. Their experiences matter, what they think if they are using it means to promote blogs on social media works. The majority would say it's just simply meant to create your profile and share your blog link on all famous social media like Facebook, Reddit, Mix, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest. But actually, doing this is only the first half of the show. Even there is more even half the battle.

So, if you are one of the ambitious people who would like to go beyond popular social networking sites as an influencer "marketing your blog on social media", I am going to suggest you read on for some truly effective tips from my experience, to make your blog shine across social media.

The outstanding topic, what is some ways you can prepare your blog content to be socially shareable? and what are some unique social platforms? where you can share your blog posts without spamming? (other than the mundane Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

1. Intriguing/Useful/Shocking Content

The essential first step that is foundation sets up all the other steps listed here now for success. Although it is not related to social media marketing directly and biased towards. 

The most common practice of social media audience won't just share ANY content until content they share to make them appear in their friend circle cool and sophisticated.

So, the motive for the content you produce to publicize on social platforms must be containing unique information rarely found anywhere else including interesting and useful. Even if the content is available on other websites, the content must be intriguing enough. including the way, you present your social media savvy readers.

Apart from information in your blog post's content, readers always attracted by intriguing titles and images. What's Seen is Sold. Right? "जो दीखता है वो बिकता है (Lang Hindi)" Let's take a quick look at content creation.

the two basic aspects are for content creation

Intriguing/catchy Titles

Say you create a post about 7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid before post on the blog. The title of this particular post seems attractive also it is going to give you useful content. Hold on to that thought whether it really excites you?

Try yourself the same post differently like – 7 Critical Mistakes: Are you doing before post on the blog?

Does this title excite you now? Does it look an extent, right?

With similar words, the title may save you from getting lost of attraction in the crowd.

This sample screenshot of a list of blog titles as seen in a famous feed reader. Just Take a look,  Incidentally, all of the headlines pointed intriguing enough to tempt the reader to open it. Ultimately, the reader will share interesting content. email or RSS feed subscribers often subscribe such your niche blog. 

List Of Blog Titles In A Feed Reader That Is Intriguing

List Of Blog Titles In A Feed Reader That Are Intriguing

Relative Images

Nowadays Social media is all about sexy visuals full of color. Check whether your blog does not have at least one unique/recognizable opening image (for example, as we do at BestEarningSource) or multiple relative images at all, people will not be less inclined to share it. Rather than read more why don't you take a tour of our blog to see how we use images of these criteria.

To help, Canva is the most famous, there are many other free and paid tools for creating blog graphics. You can also use An infographic which is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text, This way there are images containing attractive content. In my other post on the topic How to create infographics, You will find free tools too.

Shown below is an example of an infographics picture for the blog that is worth sharing on social media.

Strategic Use Of Blog Images For Viral Social Media Sharing

Strategic Use Of Blog Images For Viral Social Media Sharing. It is intriguing images that attract the gestures of a wider social media audience to share. As a result, hopefully, they repost and share with friends circle.

2. Integrate Social Media With Your Blog

By integrating social media into your blog, you can say It means bridging the gap between your quality content and popular social media sites. People who visit your blog share and content while found an easy way on your blog. It's often seen that promotes more sharing your blog content via social media elements if there are social plugins integrated into your site. 

These integrating elements could be in the form of social media buttons that help your readers engage with your blog (Facebook likes, Twitter follows), share buttons that help readers share your content, social media plugins that help readers comment on your blog, and so on.

Here you can pick some ideas mean some quick tips to add social media plugins make look attractive share buttons to your post.

Some blogs go overboard as you could seen they provide seven or eight social media buttons. But all over with help of analytics Make sure you have a big enough audience on all these social media sites. (other than the conventional sites like Twitter or Facebook) to make a button worthwhile.

Crowding of social media share buttons may induce negative mood your readers and this will directly affect the abundance of social shares. Also, adding unnecessary extra codes of social media widgets may slow down page loading speed that also impact on page rank.

Using few buttons is good, but surplus can be overkill. Try to keep 3 to six button count, minimal as you see on the our blog.

Sharing Buttons - WooRank Blog

Appearing of too many buttons can distract away from the actual content, and it's look cluttered on different platform.

To get more information read about Tools and Tips for Integrating Social Media plugins into your Website.

3. Share Your Blog Across Your Social Media Profiles

If readers are not coming to your page, it better is to go to them instead. You can personally share your content on as many social media sites. That may be you already doing this, as it's not rocket science. But occupying certain things right multiply your efforts:

Consistency  in Post

Share posts at a consistent frequency and important factor. Do not share your content all at once for a week and nothing is there then be a no-show the following week. You can use scheduling tools to make sure you maintain consistency in sharing your content. SproutSocial and Hootsuite can be better options.

Want to Read more about these tools, I have one post too titled Social Media Management Tools For Small Businesses.

Automate On WordPress

If you are using a WordPress site, There is Publicize plugin to automatically share your social media pages. You can use it to send your freshly published posts.

Optimal Time For Posting

There is almost every social media platform now having analytics. The Twitter tool that lets you know Tweriod tool to check the optimum time, all about your blog post on Twitter If you are posting updates. It is useful to free Twitter marketing tool. Facebook CPM also using its own analytics tool – Facebook Insights. This helps to know your optimum posting times and schedule accordingly.

If you want a scheduling tool for Twitter, you could use the buffer-followerwonk duo that also gives optimal user-activity time and more productivity on Twitter.  You can be integrated to make social media posting on Twitter.

Visual Appeal Of Post Updates

When you share your content, say on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest page, include a message in your own words to motivate users to read your post. Always remember to sharing a photo or personal video attract more the post link. Most platforms automatically display a thumbnail image from the post.

Facebook also automatically display thumbnail, and also allows you to choose a different than the photo Facebook grabbed. All you need do to upload more image by press the "+" button. Take a look for idea at the sample screenshot below:

Upload Image Option On Facebook

These various options appeals of your blog post content shared on social media as well as help to improve the aesthetic 

Cross Posting

Cross post your blog updates is simply from one social media platform to another.

Say, for example, you share on Facebook and the post has creative graphic. You can share that image on Pinterest including a link to the location (if your blogs have lots of graphical elements, I would recommend, you should definitely have a Pinterest account.). This will not only encourage your Facebook CPM and followers also help to them to easily pin the image in Pinterest account.

Example Of Cross Posting Between Two Social Media Channels

Read these tips to create highly shareable pictures on Pinterest for your business.

Whole Post Updates

Unlike few that allow limited characters in updates, some social media platforms like Reddit and Tumblr actually allow you to display the whole blog post. At the end of the post you can provide the original blog post URL and this will helps get you amazing social media traffic.

In fact, the publicize plugin can also help you publish your content on Tumblr. Keep in mind, that It will share as a teaser, not the whole post.

The advantage of having whole posts on the Tumblr profile is that users read them without re-directed, as many readers don't want to be redirected. In this case, even if you do not acquire traffic from Tumblr, still there is another major benefit of a backlink from a high PR (PR 6) website.


Some of your readers maybe want to share a quote, not the whole post. For such readers, Creating a tweetable link is far easier now and you can incorporate a click to Tweet option.  It's as simple as having the right free tools for various important quotes on your blog post. This will help you immediately create a backlink from the reader's Twitter profile. It's much easier than learning custom codes for Creating a tweetable link.


A best practice is using hashtags with keywords relevant to your content. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram tools all these recommended relevant hashtags to improve findability for your post. 

We talk about the use of hashtags for Social media platforms in our posts on Quick Tips Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand.

Direct Messages

Send direct messages (or private messages) or email your friends about new blog posts. Also, those people who have shared your content before. This way you can increase to a new set of fans and followers for your content. New fans might be interested to share in their circle too.

Sending direct messages on LinkedIn Twitter or Facebook. Reaching out personally sometimes increasing the social media reach of your content. A word of caution though, you never exceed it. Sometimes personal touch for an advantage increases the number of unfollows or unlikes.

4. Create Relationships With Other Bloggers

It is common sense as a blogger being aware of competitors' feelings about your niche, but it's also important what can you do with that information. Contents including emotions help promote your own blog? Following quick tips can be beneficial to get ideas on how other bloggers influence your own blog's social media.

Read and Share

Read and share other bloggers' posts and appreciate or acknowledge the information shared. Always drop comments on them via social media handlers. Make sure to @gillubaba mention the blogger's Twitter handle. This method will immediately let the other blogger know who is commenting. You can also post comments on their blog post. 

If you have your blog's URL on your Twitter bio (there is no reason why you shouldn't have it), the blogger will definitely check out your blog and possibly return the favor in a similar fashion.

List the Experts

Creating a 'Top 10 List of favorite Bloggers could good idea In (Your related Niche)" sharing post for the backlink to the bloggers. This will definitely go to acknowledge as a backlink and promote to post about the content on their various social media presences.

As a proven experiment, You can also follow this method for experts in your niche although who doesn't have a blog. A mention may inspire them to share feedback on your post or their various social media profiles. Guest Blogging Invite bloggers for reciprocation is a good idea related to your niche to guest posts to write on your blog. Give and take the favor is the oldest way you can hereby guest writing for them. This not only gives you more backlinks from your niche however it's an opportunity for your blog to feature in their content promotions.

Guest Blogging

Invite bloggers for reciprocation is a good idea related to your niche to guest posts to write on your blog. Give and take the favor is the oldest way you can hereby guest writing for them. This not only gives you more backlinks from your niche however it's an opportunity for your blog to feature in their content promotions.

Best Earning Source also offer guest blogging, Contact Us

Viral Content Buzz

Whenever you write a post, usually the next target is a huge crowd to read it. The simple way to create a quick buzz on social media, share blog posts on their social networking accounts.

Technically, Viral Content Buzz is a social media community vote exchange platform. The process is “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”.  The great thing about it works on a credit system.

Nothing works better than this easy way to reach out to tons of people. In a typical environment, most of the bloggers I know shared on this platform are quality content, when you are sharing other people’s content from within your own social media profile. also, you will not be tagged as a spammer.

5. Social Bookmark Your Blog Posts

Creating a Social bookmark of your blog on high-profile sites which have a good audience base. such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and Mix But keep in mind, this strategy overused in the past.

so this may not as effective as expected. still can't be denied for something. Peoples says, "something is better than nothing".

In order to make bookmarking for your presence on social sites, felt you will have to spend time to try and bookmark, get comments, like,  or share other blog posts. But this will encourage more activity for your own social bookmarks.

My experience remarks it is good to just stick with your handful of sites although there are so many social bookmarking sites available on the web, choose some of them and update on a regular basis.

You can find a list in this post 10 Link Building Strategies For Small Businesses

6. Forum Promotions

Many good forums available in almost all niches but do not allow sharing a link, Except an active member and who consistently has been helping fellow members with their queries. So, you could apply this social media blog promotion strategy if you intend to spending time on forums relatively in your niche.

Find forums related to your niche on Google search: type "niche + forum" and enter. For example, type a similar "affiliate marketing forum". Use Boardreader, which is a search engine for forums that can help you.

7. Join Social Communities

Join Facebook groups, Reddit Communities(called Subreddits), and LinkedIn groups relevant to your blog content. These are good platforms, many others also where to gain recognition for both yourself and your blog. I will remind you don't promote your blog aggressively, good way is you could joining in conversations and helping those who have questions, this starts off slow, just like you would do in a forum. With a gradual faith in community members, You could eventually connect to them with your blog link.

Sample LinkedIn Group centered on a particular topic
Sample LinkedIn Group centered on a particular topic

I think you already know this is another way to mingle in your social community is by having a meetup, that could be either virtual or real. Many popular virtual meetup tools can help to organize such as zoom meetings, Google Hangouts and Twitter Chat.

Here are some quick tips on how to use Google Hangouts.

A Twitter chat can be a pre-arranged chat or participants of the conversation.

8. Don't Forget About Your Old Blog Posts

When you share on social media sometimes you could share some of your old blog posts. relevant oppositely become a hot topic. You must not limit yourself to refresh content. 

Many of your new fans still not seen useful posts before, that could be ideal. To avoid repetition with older followers, Few word change in the title is an opportunity with old blog posts in your social media updates.

9. Share Parts Of Your Content

Remember the 'Clicktotweet' plugin we discussed too? You assign Clicktotweet quotes from your niche content that seem shareworthy.

You could share significant elements of the blog post update on your social media profile. You do not have to accompany links to such posts. A fresh variation of updates could more fans and followers may enjoy.

These were some quick ways I have experienced in my successful blog journey to promote blogs on social media. I suppose you will enjoy Social media promotions, and the results are totally worth it.  Last but not least as a bonus, social media signals also influence your blog's search engine ranking. So stick with that.

Now I would love to hear them in the comments. What are some social media experiences promoting your blog? What are the tips you have gained from your own?

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