You too could reach the same height of success it all starts with one small step on monetizing your YouTube channel. This article will discuss everything you would need to know about how to monetize your YouTube channel and begin earning money via the videos you make.

Start YouTube Partner Program

The easiest and most commonly used method to monetize your YouTube channel is by signing up for the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube started the YouTube Partner Program to create a partnership between the company and the video content makers, aka YouTubers. To put it simply, YouTube provides video content makers with a platform to share their videos. In return, some approved accounts get a chance to insert ads in their videos. The revenue generated from those ads is shared between YouTube and the video creator.

As mentioned before, only a few selected and approved accounts are provided with the option of placing ads in their videos. To earn money from these ads, you will have to meet specific guidelines and policies set by YouTube, before your account is enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program.

Master List of requirements to enroll in the YouTube Partner Program

  • Your account has to comply with all the policies and guidelines laid down by YouTube for YouTube monetization.
  • You will have to be a resident of a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is recognized.
  • In the last 12 months, your account should have clocked in more than 4000 valid public watch hours.
  • Your YouTube channel should have more than at least 1000 subscribers.
  • You need to sign up for an AdSense account that will later be linked with the YouTube Partner Program.

Application checklist for applying to the YouTube Partner Program

Before you plan to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, mentioned below is the list of things that would need to be addressed by you.

  • When you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, the company will microscopically review your YouTube account to see if you are following all their policies and guidelines. To ensure your application gets processed, go through the guidelines in detail and follow them to the point.
  • YouTube requires you to enable your 2-step verification for your Google account. The 2-step verification ensures double protection of your Google account against hacking. In case you do not have this activated, it may cause a delay in your application review.
  • One of the critical prerequisites put forth by YouTube is the need for your YouTube account to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 valid public watch hours. Both of these factors help YouTube determine if you have a substantial presence on the platform.
  • You would need to create an AdSense account that will be linked to the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube would use this account to release your payments from the ads running on your video. The only point to be careful of is that you should not have more than one AdSense account.
  • Once you have completed all the tasks mentioned above, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program and send your application for review. YouTubers who have successfully monetized their accounts say it takes anywhere between 2 weeks to a few months for the application to be reviewed. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email from YouTube, informing you about their decision.

What if Your next steps, if the YouTube Partner Program application is rejected

You may have followed all the steps, but yet received a rejection from YouTube to monetize your channel. What next?

When YouTube gets back to you with a rejection of their YouTube Partner Program, it will provide a general reason that led to the rejection. However, they will not get into the details of which video or what kind of content-led them to reject your application. The good news is that you can resubmit your application once again after 30 days. You should take this time to review your account, keeping the YouTube policies in mind.

Pro Tip: YouTube is very particular about following copyrights. In case you have used another person’s copyright material, be it background music or content, without their permission, YouTube will surely reject your application. Additionally, once you have been accepted to the YouTube Partner Program, the company will continue to review your YouTube channel from time-to-time to ensure you are following their guidelines. In case you are defying any policies, they can demonetize your account.


How to monetize YouTube channel has been a question playing on many video creators minds. The most common way to do so is by enrolling in the YouTube Partner Program. The article has mentioned all the details around the program and steps that you will have to follow to ensure a positive response.

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