They have lied to you! ever you think ? YOUR ABUNDANCE REPORT

Ever you think ? They have lied to you!  YOUR ABUNDANCE REPORT

🤫They have lied to you!
That only hard work will make you wealthy and successful. 💰 💰
Do you feel that you put a lot of effort, yet to make enough to fulfil your dreams?
A dream to buy your own house in an upscale location, or to own your favourite car, or to save enough for your retirement.
🙋 If you’ve ever dreamed of more Money and fulfilling your wishes, then you’ll want to read every word of this.
Whoever you are.
A Homemaker
A businessman
A Student or a Working Individual,
Every person is unique with different capabilities and capacities. If we use these capabilities in alignment with nature's flow, then we can attract what we want in our life.
Better health
Great Relationships
The abundance of Money or Growth in Job.
Imagine what life will be like when you buy your dream house or your favourite car and having enough money and freedom to fulfil all your needs.
Do you know, the gas burner in your house, if placed in incorrect direction, can burn all the money generating opportunity and you send more than you earn?
Or the toilet seat in the direction of planet (responsible for wealth and wish fulfilment as per your horoscope) is flushing out all the money you have, and you are not able to save enough?
I am Consultant - Arvind Singh Shekhawat
For almost a decade only proper consultancy, I have helped over hundreds of families across the globe and have helped transform their lives. My mission is to bring Peace, Prosperity, and Abundance in people’s life which is easily achieved by balancing their “external space” like home, office, etc. with the help of proper Consultancy.
🪐 Astrology is the belief that the alignment of stars and planets affects every individual's mood, personality, and environment, depending on when he was born.
🧭 Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India which literally translates to "Science of Architecture." Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to location of kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom and colour of your home.
What If I tell you by combining these two sciences (Astrology and Vastu) together we can create wonders in one’s life. Great Health, Relationship, and more Money.
Today with the help of “Your Abundance Report – A Steps towards fulfilling your dreams” I will show you how you can attract more money in your life and fulfil your wish with simple Astrology and Vastu solutions.
In “Your Abundance Report – A Step towards fulfilling your dreams” you will get:
Your favourable Vastu direction for You as per Your horoscope
Remedies to balance and activate your favourable Vastu directions
Most favourable planet for Money and Wish Fulfilment as per your horoscope
Remedies to enhance your money giving planet
⭐ All you have to do is provide me with your birth details like:
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth:
Place of birth:
And Profession:
I will personally cast your horoscope and email you the Astrology and Vastu solutions to attract more Money and fulfilling your wishes.
I’m confident that you’ll see the positive change in your personal and professional life.
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VASTU SHASTRA Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture which literally translates to "Science of Architecture". Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home, right from the entrance of a house to the location of the kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom and colour of your home.

Vastu suggestion aims to eliminate negative energy and enhance positive energy at your home so you, your family, or even your business becomes prosperous and progressive.

As per Vastu Shastra, 16 directions are governing our life. Each direction has its attribute and rules a specific domain in our life.

If you observe the above image, you will notice the layout of the house is divided into 16 parts i.e 16 Vastu directions and each direction has been given color, like Blue in the Northern directions, Green in the Eastern parts and so on.

These colors represent the default element of a particular direction.

Blue = Water

Green = Air

Red = Fire

Yellow = Earth

Grey/ White = Space

Some elements share a friendly relationship with some and are enemies with some.

Elemental Imbalance: Water is the enemy of Fire. Water has the power to douse the Fire. Hence the presence of Blue color in South-East or South will imbalance the Fire and one may face difficulties in payment recovery, relaxation, and may even face defamation.

Just by removing the Blue color from South-East or South will balance the Vastu and once will see positive results.

Toilet Seat is a huge energy drainer and weakens the positive directions. Suppose you have a toilet seat in the West of your house. The attribute of West directions is Profits and Gains and the presence of the toilet seat will disturb the attribute the West direction. Hence you may face problems related to Gains. All your efforts may get wasted.

Treating the toilet seat as per Vastu guidelines will reduce the negative impact of the toilet seat and you may see good results.

Vastu corrections rarely involve demolitions or structural changes, One may get the desired results just by balancing the Vastu directions.


Astrology is the study of the influence of the cosmic objects, usually, stars and planets, have on human lives. It is the study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth and the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time and place of a person’s birth have a direct influence on that person’s character.

Astrology talks about 12 Houses in Kundli, 12 Signs (Rashi) and 9 Planets (Here we are not including Neptune, Pluto etc.).

12 House of the Kundli:

In the Horoscope/ Kundli we have 12 houses also know as “Sthan” or “Ghar” or “Bhav” and each house represents different domain of life, as mentioned in the image below.

In these 12 houses we have different Sign (Rashi) placed in it. These rashi are represented by number 1 to 12.

12 Rashi:

1 = Aries/Mesh,

2 = Taurus/Vrishubh,

3 = Gemini/Mithun,

4 = Cancer/Kark,

5 = Leo/Shima,

6 = Virgo/Kanya,

7 = Libra/Tula,

8 = Scorpio/Vrishik,

9 = Sagittarius/Dhanu,

10 = Capricorn/Makar,

11 = Aquarius/Kumbh

12 = Pisces/Meen.

The 1st House of the Kundli is also known as Lagna/ Ascendant. In above image which has 1st Rashi (Aries/Mesh) in 1st House can also be called as Kundli of Aries/Mesh Lagna.

Similarly, we have 9 planets present in our Kundli, the placement and degree of the planets are defined by the position of the planet in the sky at the time we took birth.

9 Planets:

As per Indian Astrology, we consider Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) while working on any Kundli.

In the below image we can see the placement of Rashi and Planets in various houses.

Note: There can be more than One planets in any house and there can be no planets in some of the houses, but Rashi will be present in all the houses.

The above image of the Kundli is of the Meen lagna and has Ketu in 1st House.

We have 12 Houses, 12 Rashis and 9 Planets in a Kundli. Study of these combinations helps us to understand

How the native will be?

How will he be making money?

What will be his life all about? and so on.

Some planets are favorable and some planets are not in favor of a Kundli. Planets connected with the negative house or which have turned negative due to our actions (Karma) can cause trouble in a particular domain of life. E.g. if Mars is negative and is connected with a house related to disease, one is more likely to get diabetes.

So, It is necessary to make the negative planets to positive to get the desired results.

In “Your Abundance Report” you will get the pointers to check if the planet connected with Money and Fulfilment is negative and you will also get the powerful remedies to turn the negative planet to positive.

ASTRO - VASTU Astrology and Vastu are like the two sides of the coin. As per me, they are incomplete without each other. Vastu talks about directions and balancing of the 5 elements while astrology talks about planets, signs, and houses. When these two sciences are combined and applied together it's known as “Astro – Vastu”

Now the Magic begins ...

If I tell you by combining these two sciences (Astrology and Vastu) we can create wonders in one’s life.

Great Health,


and More Money.

As we know every Planet has a Vastu direction associated with it. E.g. Mars = South, Sun = East as on and so forth

Let’s take this as an example in the chart below.

We have Aries (Rashi No.1) in 2nd House of this Kundli, Mars is the owner of Aries, hence ruler of the 2nd House (House of Money) and suppose there is a toilet seat in South. (Direction of Mars is South of your House)

Now tell me what will be the financial status of this person? You Guessed it right.

All the earned money will be drained, There will be Cash liquidity issues, Expenses will be ready before your money comes in hand. “Ek haat de, Ek haat le” and No Savings.

Now If we treat the toilet seat as per the Vastu principle, Will the drainage of the money stop?

The answer is, Definitely Yes.

This is The Magic of Astro-Vastu.

Just by treating the Vastu Imbalance as per your Kundli, we can see a huge difference in one's life. More Money, More Opportunity, Better relationship, Fun, and Recreation, etc.

"I know – that’s a pretty bold promise. But the reason I can make this promise to you is because I know how Astro - Vastu works as I’ve had practical experience of more than thousands of cases for the past 8 years and have taught this sacred science to many Vastu experts around the globe."

Today with the help of “Your Abundance Report” I will show you how you can attract more money in your life and fulfill your wish with simple Astrology and Vastu solutions.

Teamwork and bonding grew unbelievably in my office. New business clients were acquired with record speed and old client’s retention improved dramatically. It was like magic happening. All this within 3 months of the changes done as suggested by Parag. I owe this growth and stability to him for sure.

“Acharya Guru suggested simple changes like shifting of plants, change color of soft board fabric, shifting dustbin, etc. The result: revenue grew post changes. So much that the last 3 months have helped me achieve my dream turnover. A dream I have had for 5 years now.”

For who is this report for?

This report is for those who want to achieve big and put in a lot of efforts to fulfill their dreams.

Important: We are not providing any astrology prediction, we are only giving the above-mentioned reports, which is generated on the basis of your astrology charts.

What will be the language of the report?

Currently, The report is only in English

What is the report about then?

Any planet to give effect in your life needs to give you its effect through Vastu. If a planet giving you money in your Kundli has a toilet seat or kitchen or dustbin or wrong colors in its direction then the planet becomes weak and is not able to give you its benefits that it is supposed to give.

In the report, we will help you to clear and strengthen the direction of the planet (which is giving you money and wish fulfillment in your Kundli) so that the planet can give you money or wish fulfillment which it is meant to offer.

Why should I buy this report?

In "Your Abundance Report" I will be providing you with your favorable Vastu directions, for Money and Wish Fulfillment, as per your horoscope with a simple and practical remedy to rectify any imbalance in this direction.

This direction is derived by doing some complex calculation by considering the rising Lagna, various Rashi signs, and degrees of the planet. As per my 8 years of experience in this filed, I have observed many positive changes in the life of clients and I’m confident that you’ll see the positive change in your personal and professional life. Also, I am offering a 87.9% massive discount at the price of Pizza plus FREE Bonus worth ₹2997/-. just for ₹847/- (Plus Taxes) 

How will this report be beneficial for me?

Mother nature never differentiate between individual and is here to give us 100%. But if we are not able to achieve what we want i.e. Abundance of Money, Love or Happiness, then there may be some factors which may be not in align with you and Nature. Astrology and Vastu are one of that factor.

By balancing these, one can get a step closer to achieving what one wants. I will cast your horoscope and give you your beneficial Vastu direction to attract money, the favorable planet for money and wish fulfillment and simple and practical remedy to activate and balance them.

I do not believe in Astrology or Vastu will the suggestions still work for me?

Absolutely. We believe, the human mind is the biggest strength so you can negate the results of the Vastu changes if you really want to prove to someone that it does not work. Even if you do not believe, you still have to allow in your mind to accept its results for a beautiful manifestation.

I live in a rented home, will the remedies still work for me?

Vastu is nothing but proper channelization of energies. During the day, your energy goes up and down. Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes you want to jump with energy, sometimes you want to relax. And all these energy changes happen whether you are staying in your own home or in a rented home.

You get promotions, get success in business, fail in businesses, get married. have babies, everything at all whether it is rented home or your own home. So provided remedies will work in a rented home also.

When the report will be delivered?

I will be manually preparing your report and doing the complex astrological calculation and mapping it planet with our Vastu, Hence the delivery of the report via email will take at least 6 days. Your patience is appreciated.

What Format will the report be delivered?

The report will be delivered in .PDF Format, Link to download the report will be sent on your registered email id.

When will I get my report?

You will get your report in T+6 days. i.e. if you have ordered your report on 01 May 2020, Then your report will be delivered on or before 07 May 2020, Exact date is conveyed via SMS and Email. Your patience is appreciated.

Note: Any Calls or Email inquiring the delivery status before T+6 days will not be entertained.

I have entered my Birth Details Incorrectly, What to Do?

The Birth details that you have provided is mentioned in the welcome mail we send to you as soon as you make the payment, You can verify the details there, If any changes you can get back to you within 24 hours, we will make the necessary corrections.

Note: Any changes in Birth Details after 24 Hours of making the payment will not be considered.

I want a report for someone else too?

Yes, you can order for multiple people. However, we encourage you to use New Email ID For New Orders

The report is not as expected, I want my money back!

Please read the ad copy before taking any decision. We also encourage you to read the FAQ. Be aware of what is going to be delivered in the report. Refunds will be NOT be initiated under any circumstances once the report is sent.

Do you give any Guarantee?

Only YOU have the power to change your life!

You will get no results whatsoever if you assume by soaking up information, reading the report your life will change with riches. Your results are based upon your actions. If you want a magic button that will fulfill your life with riches then please leave this page and DO NOT PURCHASE.

If I have other questions about Vastu can I ask?

If the question is about more clarity in report then definitely yes. However if its something other than report then the consultancy will be on chargeable basis.

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