Five reasons to start a Website or Blog

 Most Five Reasons why you Start Blog

Nowadays, Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter Pinterest and YouTube have practically monopolised self-expression and social networking. Publishing popular contents in form of text, images and videos on the internet has now become very easy and standardized. There are many people wonder if there is still a point to keeping your own blog for one of best earning source.

Through this article I will guide, you will learn:
- Why a blog is still relevant
- How to make money from a blog
- The rewards of blogging

You may go to all this trouble of building a blog like mine blog on Blogger a Google platform  or you can choose one of other most popular source Wordpress or Joomla or Drupal. How to Creating content and driving traffic? Well, the following article covers five reasons why you should still start your own blog.

1. To Write

Just imagined On your own blog, You can indulge your passion for express your emotions form of writing, and do so regardless of guidelines and character limitations. For SEO Better is a composing blog entry on a regular basis will exercise and this will help to quickly build your writing skills. Consistency is not only makes blog professional writing easier. but will also be of use to you in the global world outside your website. People also often forget that writing article data on a blog means building an extensive archive of articles. That data can later be re-used in a variety of ways.

2. To Network

With a blog, you can build your own like minded peoples community – a community that will read your articles and connect with your thoughts, leave comments, feedback and in doing so, increase you’re standing in the borderless online world. This often leads to befriending interesting and useful people, who can be helpful to you beyond the promotion of your blog. Lively exchange with your readers and other bloggers will not only serve as a source of motivation to you, but will also provide knowledge and new ideas.

3. For Knowledge

While starting a blog is no longer all that difficult, it will still involve dabbling in new things, such as HTML. A pleasant side effect is that you will acquire a lot of technical know-how. And it won’t stop there: blogging will give you an opportunity to become well versed in matters of self-organization, content creation, community management, marketing and the likes.

Moreover, immersing yourself in your blog topic will increase your level of expertise in the subject, which can be useful online as well as offline.

4. To Make Money

We all have bills to pay, even – or especially – bloggers! And nowadays, it’s not so unusual for bloggers to not only manage to cover their costs, but even make a good deal extra on the side through blogging. Some can even live exclusively off blogging.

You can use many options for advertisements with your content by using their advertising links in your HTML code, either in the header, footer, sidebars, wherever you want. This article of Google would help you understand better?

While such people may be the exception to the rule, those bloggers with perseverance and knowledge of the marketing side of business have a better chance to succeed. From a business point of view, a blog can even be of indirect use to you. It can support your freelance career, or can be used to establish contact with companies which might then, for example, offer you products for testing.

5. To have fun

For most bloggers, though, fun is the first and foremost reason to start a blog. Writing about a topic that is close to your heart is an absolute joy, not to mention the exchange with readers and receiving feedback. Cooperation with other bloggers, as well as the marketing of your topics and the building and expanding of your blog, can also be a lot of fun.

A blog will definitely require endurance, because keeping it going won’t always be easy, nor will it always be a positive experience. But it can prove to be rewarding in both a personal and financial sense.


More Reasons to Blog

There are always more ways to make your own blog interesting, especially in comparison to the content on social-media platforms. With a blog, you create something truly of your own. You own its content, and a blog barely creates any costs. CMS, layouts, plug-ins and more can be installed for free – and cheap hosting solutions are available too.

Good content will always be important. If you manage to build yourself a high-quality blog that’s worth reading, you are guaranteed to attract a large and interested readership. Start today, and see where it takes you.

 What do you do if you are stuck in a serious dilemma of start or not and want to come out of it?

1.       Don't let that Dilemma kill you, destroy you.

2.       Always consider it as a challenge.

3.       Take a break, don't over think about it, Just enjoy.

4.       Reset and come back, take a notebook, start writing pros and cons pointwise, or do that in your mind.

5.       To do, or not to do”. After evaluating all the pros and cons, look in what's better? What's less loss-making? Let feel in your heart, what is speak and mind hold its hands.

6.       Realise that at this moment realistic, you would not have to lose something or the other, that's fate.

7.       Choose one alternative and let try one alternative methods, make a choice, respect it as it's your own decision, and strongly stand by it.

8.       Don't look back, always respect your identity, and stay committed towards your goals.

9.       Accept that nothing can be perfect, somethings are meant to be, something’s are meant not to be.

10.   Realize that sometimes walking on the right path, means the way is for you, you will have very important things.

This is a set pattern I follow, you can try.

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