15 Tips Social Media Marketing enhance customer experience

15 Top most useful tips Social Media Marketing to Enhance Customer Experience for Real Estate Marketing

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These days the future of marketing is online so real estate marketing can't be stay behind — and it’s not saying that in a newspaper or on TV no more but due respect competitions, I seem outdated. According to the Zillow Group, a leading brand also an institute of Luxury Home Market Specialist (ILHMS) Share a Report on Consumer Housing Trends that 79% of buyers use online content of feedback to find a home, and 63% of seller’s use online advertising to promote sell their property. Its fact that more than 65% of U.S. residents and around the world peoples have a social media account and influencer marketing also becoming a clear part of real estate social media marketing is crucial to success. I seem that the most profitable way to enhance customer experience through technology to your brand and establish connections is social media where buyers and sellers most frequently available?

Because Social media network allows you to:

Ø   Promote listings
Ø   Reconnect with past clients
Ø   Banner and Video Advertise
Ø   Increase traffic on your website
Ø   Favorable quickly and effectively
Ø   Enhance customer experience for your brand credibility

My suggestion for real estate marketing on social media: 15 Top tips are:

  1. Recognize your goals for real estate social media marketing.
  2. Reach each social media platform’s to take advantage of Number strengths.
  3. Keep consistent branding across all platforms.
  4. Post your realistic content simple and easy to share.
  5. Set Automate to relevant Real estate social media posts.
  6. Balance your real estate content on social media.
  7. Use landing pages to capture leads.
  8. Always use hashtags in your real estate social media posts.
  9. Incorporate yourself in visuals into your real estate social media posts.
  10. Use video clips to enhance the customer experience for your real estate marketing.
  11. Create a social media ad campaign targeted audience.
  12. Feedback and reviews of your services on the Facebook page.
  13. Create your own and join local community groups.
  14. Be active and respond to comments in the sentences.
  15. Measure traffic and build a road map for Best Earning Source.

1. Recognize your goals for real estate social media marketing

Are you willing to be seen as an expert in the local real estate industry? Do you want others to share your articles and listings or have social media generate leads for you? You can create an effective real estate social media strategy but for that, your goals should be normal and detailed.

2. Reach each Social media Platform’s to take Advantage of the Number of Strengths

Each social media platforms has its own pros and cons. start within which you are familiar, It’s your choice which platforms create the Best Earning Source and most suitable in your business and target audience. Here I will suggest a few of the most common media which suitable for real estate social media marketing:
Ø   Facebook ad campaigns allow you to implement a targeted audience in different strategy; you can develop your brand business page for share listings, market reports, blog posts, community news, and feedback reviews.
Ø   Instagram is the most popular platform for the visual-oriented sharing of small videos clips and beautiful images of properties and can drive traffic for the marketing of real estate.
Ø   Pinterest is base on photos sharing social platform where many people got inspired by beautiful properties,  it’s perfect for those looking to buy a new home or make renovations to their current property before publishing it on the real estate market.
Ø   Twitter is a text-based social media platform with limits of 280 characters in messages here you can share pictures and videos also. It’s very useful for sharing news or articles about market conditions which can produce inspiration in conversations.
Ø   LinkedIn is a professional media platform where you’ll be able to display yourself a real estate professional and display your real estate skills also content posts to share business-oriented information and connect with past clients.
Ø   YouTube is the most popular host videos where you can upload your own how to finance or sell home video content or professional property instructional videos. Using Home improvement tips or available renovation design also a great way to boost the profession and drives traffic to your niche website for generating leads.
Ø   The social media platform is very useful and each platform has a unique way to provide engagement with potential clients. Analyze each of them for your own suitability and determine your brand as a Best Earning Source for you.
Once you set your list of platforms which you have to established, now develop a unique blueprint for real estate marketing strategy for each one the use. Like Facebook posting an auto post on Twitter, some content may do not work on LinkedIn compared to what works on Pinterest, and remember each media platform has different strengths, you have to use them accordingly to your advantage.

3. Keep Consistent Branding across all Platforms

Even each platform has different formats and though you may post contents in different ways, still you’re branding consistent remains the same across all media platforms. Your motive is for recognizes clients to real estate brand on whatever platform they’re browsing. You must include the following points on all social media platforms in your profile:
  • ü   Your professional contact information (phone and email)
  • ü   Your own profile photo including business logo
  • ü   Your business office address
  • ü   Your niche blog/website URL
  • ü   Your bio including last deals
Remember to use standard content like images and technique that reinforce your personality who you are and make you an influencer across as professional, cognoscente, friendly, and helpful. Choosing filters for pictures and maintain the same color palette or a specific style refined your brand.

4. Post your Realistic content Simple and Easy to share

The real estate marketing work schedule is constantly changing; Maximum visibility and engagement on social media require content sharing on a consistent schedule. It can be difficult to maintain the dedicate time to post regularly.
Not to worry, there are some tools like Google calendar, Hootsuite, and TweetDeck,  allow you to publish automatically as scheduled which you can write media posts in advance. By automating postings, you can write and plan to publish your content throughout the week multiple times. It’s also a great way of keeping your brand consistent and faithful Real Estate Social Media Marketing posts which include a variety of content.

5. Set Automate to relevant Real estate social media posts

By the way, sharing on social media platforms are very simple and easy, for this, your post should also be so accessible that anyone can share it with their friends or peers. Check before post, is your pictures are relevant and inspiring? Do you have an attached with a seductive summary that will encourage viewers to click and read more and share?  Take into account these ideas in every post on social media for real estate:
  • ü   Photography should wide and High-resolution
  • ü   On social media almost layouts are Responsive but on your own Blog/website keep it adaptive to all screen sizes devices.
  • ü   Clear branding with watermark logo on pictures and videos
  • ü   Always use brief, Informative, gripping text so the audience asks more.
Example Zillow’s sharing tools built-in, where you can easily share your listings straight to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

6. Balance your Real estate content on Social media

Make sure you are every real estate social media post including information on-brand and property without repetitive content. don't Be more show off careful about too many promotions because generally, people browsing to interact with social media for entertainment and pieces of information Instead of buying and selling products, Set your content in a manner which they focus on that apart from competitors and inspires to share in their social circle or become potential leads for you.
Zillow Group’s director Bret Calltharp also recommends using the 4-1-1 strategy of industry outreach.
“Out of daily multiple media posts in a week, if you use four-posts including enlightening, inspiring and informative, there one more should focus on the best deal feedback from a satisfied client, and one post for promotion of your real estate sales-oriented, like ‘Check out these listing for example ’ or ‘Here’s an example open house schedule.'
I am sharing here some ideas that are good content on Facebook for real estate social media posts usable on other platforms as well:
  • ü   Content which provides real estate tips for first-time buyers and sellers.
  • ü   Sharing tips on home improvement or renovation materials availability will help to engage who are looking to resell, also re-connect with your past clients.
  • ü   Share real stories from past clients in video clips or appreciation letter of estate testimonials.
  • ü   Update information on changes in property value or local policies.
  • ü   Your post should relevant to market predictions and statistics of real estate articles.
  • ü   Brand promotion banner in local business events and community programs. Like greetings or offer
  • ü   Organize contests or giveaways programs to build brand awareness and help drive more traffic.
  • ü   Celebrate with your client on closing sale by sharing a photo of celebration will milestones for you.

7. Use Landing Pages to capture Leads

Don't forget to capture Lead using is separate landing pages, it’s very important for business and analysis for each platform you used. This way you will clear visibility into which real estate social media advertising platforms driving the most traffic to your blog/website. By creating separate landing pages for each campaign is an addition to tracking real estate social media marketing campaigns.

8. Always use hashtags in your real estate social media posts

Hashtags now became popular on social media while first, it was on Twitter, and now available on almost social platforms, including:
•     YouTube   • Instagram   •      Facebook   •        Pinterest

Hashtags make your content easy to searchable, For example, if someone searches using the hashtag #SeattleHome, they’ll also find your posts in which you’ve included that hashtag. So people find your posts even those who don’t follow you.
Hashtags are the best ideas because of increasing your exposure on social media how greatly they are one of the best influencers in real estate marketing.
A bunch of relevant real estate hashtag I am including here:
These hashtags are specific to your business Brand — use the following way to build them. Something like #[Brand], #[Location], #[brand]Real Estate or You may use a catchy slogan that relates to your business.
Best Real estate hashtag like #RealtorIn[Location], #[town]RealEstate #[Brand]RealEstate, etc... Most of these use these to target people who are searching for real estate property deals these are the best examples of hashtags in the real estate industry.
Event hashtags. These are common to use these to draw more attention to events, like #OpenHouse[location], #[RealEstateConference] or #[Brand]seminar etc...
Buyer and seller hashtags. These are mostly used by those who are buying or selling a new home. Considering research what people using #ForSale[Location] or #HouseIn[Location], #DreamHome, etc...

9. Incorporate yourself in visuals into your real estate social media posts

Since long the most important aspects of marketing for real estate agents is visuals for that whether you take pictures yourself or you hire a professional photographer, the Main motive in photos should scoot the attention of your audience. If you taking photos yourself then Invest for in a good camera which can take wide-angle and clear real estate photos in high-resolution images as you want to show your prospects. Agents who have taken quality photos of a property are most impressed and desired by 85% of sellers. I am sharing here are some photography tips:
  • ü   Perpendicular viewers’ attention to emotionality features.
  • ü   Use a wide-angle so viewers can easily understand photos what they’re seeing to get the reference.
  • ü   Take photos in natural light when it’s available, but avoid high glare.
  • ü   Filters also useful to matches the glories so you can use one.

10. Use video clips to enhance the customer experience for your real estate marketing

Real estate video marketing also impacts on your listings and daily business operations. Doing live walkthrough of the property and showing any number of other interesting topics you can promote your property or open houses by showing people, use it to show off what a day in the life of a real estate agent looks like.
Having listings of videos is especially more relevant when targeting the Generation Z audience and Millennial buyers. They find it comfortable to watch a recorded video when making a decision to visit home for a deal.
You can choose many ways to include real estate video in social media marketing, including:
Instagram stories. Here in 10-second video clips that appear only 24 hours but while they’re available displayed prominently at the top of the app.
Snapchat stories. Most Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, so it’s important to provide some call to action that compels viewers to engage with your website or other social media platform.
Facebook Live. Showcasing events testimonials on Facebook Live videos are lengthy (around 10-30 minutes) and are very useful for doing real-time property walkthroughs during the celebration. You’ll be able to interact with your viewers who watch live also receive live comments and the list who watch the video live and after it’s recorded.
Facebook cover videos. It's a new feature like snap chat, these clips are located in place of your cover image and will automatically play when someone visits your Facebook account. Consider adding a Facebook cover video a featured listing that you want to show off,
YouTube videos. Everyone knows YouTube is often used to show instructional videos that focus on Real estate marketing as a part of your business, Many of them providing tips on home improvement ideas generate leads. You should also upload your property walkthroughs view and start linking to them in social media posts as well on blog/website, definitely, these videos enhance customer experience through technology for your brand credibility.

11. Create a social media ad campaign targeted audience

Most social media platforms allow you for the paid advertisement that is displayed to a targeted audience, which is the best strategy to maximize engagement for real estate social media advertising? Your content should be relevant to your branding consistent, remember to keep the target audience to believe in the brand features quality and intelligible availability.
I am sharing here some platforms that support paid social media campaigns for real estate marketing are:
Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular ideal platforms to display your targeted ads having a large number of users and each of their interest base data on the portal. Facebook AI is well known who’s interested in buying or selling a new home on their platform. You can filter them by using a keyword like “real estate” or a narrower group target using something like “buy a home in Seattle.”Targeting the specific audience with your paid ads on Facebook, Zillow Premier Agent allows and Direct you how can stay on top in the mind of a specific audience of Zillow Group’s active home shoppers.
Instagram. It's similar to Facebook; Instagram also offers a paid advertisement service that enhances customer experience through technology for business to puts your ad in front of most relevant users.
Twitter. Twitter also offers a pay-for-engagement option like other social media. You can use promoted tweets to include things like listing features, market updates, or links to your niche posts on the blog/website.
LinkedIn. Paid ad on LinkedIn is in one of two ways where you have the option either on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis or a CPM (cost-per-impression) basis.

12. Feedback and reviews of your services on the Facebook page

Facebook is a not only good tool for digital marketing of real estate, but it’s also a great place to getting referrals, feedback, and reviews. Facebook offers a local business directory called Facebook Professional Services. Create a real estate Facebook business page where people can find you while searching for nearby local businesses. You must include a list of services on your Facebook page and add your client's reviews to help demonstrate your expertise and enhance customer experience through technology to prospective leads and referrals. 42% of Buyers used to reviews online before purchase, and sellers especially younger generations provide online reviews to help make decisions on a good deal. Data statics shows 62% of millennial and 54% of Gen Xers interested to use an agent.

13. Create your own and join local community groups

Facebook and LinkedIn have the facility to create groups of community members where share information and stay in touch with each other. Considering create a group to promote your business is a good idea.
You may be interested to join local real estate business buyer-seller groups on Facebook or even better to create your own. This will help and approachable so your audience feels comfortable in the open discus for authentic reviews. When it’s time to buy or sell that discussion will help you. Likely its take time, maybe in the start not seen an immediate influence from the groups, but you’ll be able to build a trust bond between your prospects by consistent content postings and hopefully generate new leads. Precaution things to avoid are:
ü   Selling directly to your audience in a group.
ü   Repeating post regarding tips or articles that have already been shared by you or others.
ü   Mind it that your customers and community member are not a distribution list for your properties.

14. Be active and respond to comments in the sentences

Be professional while you may receive rude comments occasionally because of action reply. When some ask a question most people are genuinely interested. Promptly responding to all comments shows you are loyal who provide the best customer service. That also enhances credibility in users to know that you value their time and are striving for excellence to provide the best customer service.
Responsiveness is one of the tops qualities 82% of customers see in an agent and 80% of sellers consider this attribute important.

15. Measure traffic and build a road map for Best Earning Source

Almost every social media platforms have their own analytic tools to track things like traffic views, comments, shares, likes, connections, followers, and subscribers which you can use for your data analysis.
If you seam that your real estate social media marketing strategy not up to the mark, consider revising the strategy to better appeal to the targeted audience for more engagement. You can use replacement what want to revisit:
  • ü   The type of content you’re posting text, images, video clips, and interest point)
  • ü   Which platforms you’re using you can switch that too.
  • ü   Who is it a local influencer for marketing?
  • ü   What you’re looking to get real estate social media marketing efforts
For more detailed articles, strategic tips, and pros and cons data on real estate marketing techniques, visit Zillow Premier Agent homepage there you can connect with lots of active buyers and sellers to enhance your lead pipeline with home shoppers who are looking for an agent likes you.

Connect me to find out more about the Best Earning Source.

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